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The Benefits of Adobe’s Creative Cloud

When Adobe announced their move away from packaged software in favor of a subscription-based model, they generated some controversy to say the least. Designers everywhere were quick to jump to the conclusion that greed was Adobe’s motivating factor, and many still believe this to be the case. Others believe that this was a necessary and inevitable move on Adobe’s part in order to stay current. Whatever the motivation, Creative Cloud is here to stay, and it actually comes with some pretty cool benefits that were not included with the Creative Suite.

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A Quick Guide to Creating a Memorable and Successful Logo Design

There are lots of ways in which logos are designed: logos can be crowdsourced, companies may pay millions for a logo, or an average designer can be asked to create a logo at reasonable rates. And there is no way to judge what a logo design is really worth. An unknown logo designer can stumble upon a winning image accidentally, or the world greatest logo designer can end up designing a lousy logo.

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Tips to Improve your Website’s ‘About Us’ Page

It’s always great to endorse your business online among fellow anonymous, unknown or known businesses. It’s even better to have some regular visits throughout the day to your URL. It’s usually the ‘About’ page that gets the maximum footfalls since people are curious to have a good look at what you do before considering doing business.

Html5 Video

How to Create HTML5 Video for Your Website

A very interesting novelty of HTML5 is the ability to view multimedia content, especially video, using only the HTML tags. If we consider that each tag is actually interpreted by the browser, and then rendered, it soon becomes clear that the new specifications concern browsers, and not the page syntax. As of today, if we look at the operation of HTML, videos are usually displayed somewhere with a special plug-in, most notably Adobe’s Flash and Apple’s QuickTime.

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Case Study: Should a Web Designer Maintain a Blog

Almost every website contains the expression “click here” and we all know what it’s about; nowadays we have another expression that is presented everywhere: “check our blog”. The blogs are very common and at the same time very useful, the majority of the Internet users are considering the blogosphere irreplaceable and don’t want to imagine the future without it.

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5 Best Mobile Web Development Practices

iPhones and Androids are quickly capturing the market. This is because they have fast internet, well made browsers and fast processors. Mobile sites are being developed which will attract more customers. A robust mobile site is being the top priority for the development team. The best mobile web design practice methods should be given the first priority by the development team to obtain great results.

Landing Pages: Things to Think About Before Designing

There are so many elements to consider in an effective landing page that you might not know where to start. But a successful final product really comes down to a handful of concepts that fall under just a few categories. Do your business a favor by checking off these essential components of good landing page design.

5 Reasons Why You Must Drop Flash For Web

HTML5 is a recent version of HTML combined with innovation. Flash is one of the most popular platform for designing animated web elements and bring the page to life. Are you using Flash elements on your Web Page, Here are 5 reasons which might convince you to drop Flash.