5 Reasons Why You Must Drop Flash For Web

HTML5 is a recent version of HTML combined with innovation. Flash is one of the most popular platform for designing animated web elements and bring the page to life. Are you using Flash elements on your Web Page, Here are 5 reasons which might convince you to drop Flash.

Flash Vs HTML5

Cross Compatibility

Flash is long dead. It is basically viewed as an accessory in web designing while HTML is considered the standard of web. Apple recently decided to drop it’s support for Flash. Adobe declared this compatibility issue on it’s own official announcement and mentioned about the cross compatibility of HTML5. It is widely supported in multiple platforms like PCs, Mobile Phones and the latest descendants of PC, Tablets.


Search engines don’t have a sweet tooth for Flash elements. S.E Spiders can barely interpret the text from your flash element (because the final render is exported to your browser as a video file) which is a big thumbs down for SEO. While HTML5 provides a better pool of resources which have a positive impact on SEO like article tags e.t.c

Flash For SEO

External Plugins

A user needs to have Flash Plugin installed on his browser before he can view the flash element. HTML5 is plug and play for HTML5 supported browsers. Most of the modern browsers support it. HTML5 with Javascript can help you design full pledged web animations.


Flash Video playback requires lot of CPU resources and that explains why your OLD PC can’t properly render a flash element. Code Execution time for ActionScript is longer than that of Javascript (Soulmate of HTML5).

I guess it would be a wise move to abandon eventually Flash and choose the innovation. I’ve already shifted to HTML5 even though re-designing was a pain because I target users from all platforms mostly handheld.


Gautham is a web designer who loves tweaking with HTML5. He designs at PowerPoint Backgrounds.

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