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How To Use Website Builders To Create Free Websites

Website building is a very convoluted, time consuming and cumbrous process. It demands a lot of efforts, right skills, expertise and good technical knowledge to develop an effective and user friendly website. However, website development has become easier, all thanks to some amazing website builders. Most of times, people give up website building as it is quite intimidating and certain programming and technical aspects pose a big challenge.

Set the Tone of Your Website Design Project

As a regular office goer, you probably have spent a considerable amount of productive time (no pun intended), in a Starbucks store nearby. But have you given it a second thought why you like to taste a cup of office at an exorbitant rate in Starbucks when the same cup of coffee is available almost half of the price at the nearby food joint. Yes, you must love the comfortable surrounding, the cordial behavior of the attendant and the big smile of the waitress who used serve you, not personally though. So, all these together including the waitress of course create a unique tone that makes you visit it again and again.

Freedom Lover

Advantages vs. disadvantages of being a freelancer

Many people barely dream in a single day of their life to escape from the tutelage of their bosses and start on their own but only a small part realize the importance of taking this step. A freelancer is the individual who makes a living by working alone; usually he works in the field that allows such possibilities, meaning design, development, writing, SEO and so on.

How to Avoid Worst Web Design

It’s not unusual for many people to leave disgusting websites and quickly switch over to a different one that is pleasurable to surf. Ironically the very purpose of websites is to retain viewers as long as possible and make them click. If you had come across such websites then you would realize that the flaw lies in the design of the website.

Giveaway: Set up a Professional Facebook Store

Facebook makes it really easy to get personal with your clients. Think about how easy it is to communicate about new products or promotions that are coming to your store. As a freelance web designer, I often run into clients that don’t really know much about ecommerce, but more often then not, they do have a lot of fans on their Facebook business or product page. Having that kind of following is the perfect way to boost sales for an online store.

5 Elements that Make a Font Successful

5 Elements that Make a Font Successful

If you’re anything like me, you can get a bit obsessive when it comes to typography. Sometimes subtle, but often critical, the font selection for a piece can make or break it. But not every font is destined to be successful. Whether you are considering designing your own fonts for a brochure printing or committing a brand to a particular font family, there are a few elements of a successful font that you may want to know.

20 Most Prevailing Myths in SEO World

When it comes to Search engine optimization, there are plethoras of myths, rumors floating around. This can be attributed with the fact that SEO holds much importance in running any website successfully. Hence, people always come up with their own opinions about the norms of search engines.