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Welcome to WixStores, the latest eCommerce website builder to come from Wix.com. If you have a shop to set up online, this is the place to go! Create your story your way with complete freedom and ease with WixStores. Imagine your next big project is just a click away from you becoming your own entrepreneur! So without further ado, get ready to set up shop and make your online business a success with help from this review.


We’ll take you step by step through the easy process of making your online store with WixStores. Within no time, you’ll be able to create your own stunning website, absolutely free! Created for new entrepreneurs and small business owners, WixStores can provide users with a virtual store front and a highly efficient online store that is made in a matter of minutes, with absolutely no coding involved! There are so many templates to choose from, you can give your virtual online shop a quick makeover anytime and anywhere!

Creating Your Online Store

With this dynamic website builder, you have complete freedom to create your store your way. All you have to do is choose a template, add your products and collections, and click Publish to get your site live. No programming skills or coding involved! As with any shop design, when you’re done designing your shop and adding whatever features you want, you can take it public! With WixStores, that translates to an upgrade to the eCommerce or VIP Premium plan. You get to keep the entire revenue you earn through your online WixStore, absolutely 100%, with no additional costs. Now, isn’t that a neat deal?

Shop Anywhere, Anytime!

No matter where your customers may be, you can always be sure to reach out to them in exactly the same way as you would any other. With mobile optimized websites, WixStores will provide the same great shopping experience to all your shoppers, regardless of where they may be.

Have A Question?


If you have a question or if you’re stuck with something, you can always check the Support Team or see the Learning Center for amazing tutorials, to help you set up your store exactly the way you want and envisaged.

WixStore Features

WixStores has a lot of great features, which you should know first before you begin to set up your first shop. For any newly established business or venture, WixStores provides dynamic product galleries to display all your products in a virtual window display. You can also provide product description for your products on separate pages. There is complete room to play with your design so think of it as a blank canvas that you can design and decorate as you want. Users can choose from virtually hundreds of stunning templates. You can add a picture image of your product with a short description to tell people more about it, such as features, size, colors etc. With WixStores, you can also send coupons and give your customers multiple paying options, so they won’t hesitate at all before making a purchase, making the entire process fairly easy to understand and use.

This and a ton of other services make WixStore your one-stop-shop for all your online business needs. It has added facilities that go beyond the conventional stores, helping you to take care of all your services and manage your online presence in one neat little platform.

Create eye-popping newsletters with WixShoutOut in a matter of minutes. Get your own domain name and register it at Wix.com with their premium service.


You can find out more on domain names.

For bloggers, Wix offers a great blogging platform, so they won’t have any need to provide external links to their blogs every time.

To further enhance your website, you can add apps from the tons of apps that are offered.

One Of A Kind Store Manager!

WixStores is truly going to be a unique, one of kind store manager for you, giving you complete autonomy and control. With the store manager to support you like your store’s back office, you can easily add more products and it takes a jiffy to get everything organized. With easy payment options, you can add coupons, set pricing, determine shipping and tax rates. You will be able to manage your inventory quickly and efficiently as well as track your orders quickly.


You can also find additional information on WixStores where you’ll get tons of tutorials and helpful material to help you open your online store at the Wix Help Center.

Keep in touch with your customers in the most dynamic and fun way through Wix.com’s newsletters, smart actions, triggers, special offers, coupons and thank you letters, all of which are directly accessible from your site’s dashboard.

Be sure to check out WixStores guides and additional resources to get you geared up with your new shop.

Manage Your Own Business!

WixStores offers you lots of different ways to manage your online business with your customers. You can keep all your customers organized in a customized contact list in ‘My Contacts’. Go a step further with your customers and build a relationship with them using the Wix ShoutOut feature. You can make it easy for people to shop at your online shop by choosing how they will pay.

A Template Just For You!

Wix offers tons of Online Store templates to choose from, so you’ll have countless ways to set up the shop of your dreams! Every template comes with a shopping cart, product gallery, flexible product options, and more. It is also complemented by the intuitive online store builder to help you get the look and feel you want for your store.

With a tailor made dynamic layout, you have the freedom to give your customers all the information they want. All they have to do is to click on an item they like, and they’ll find all the details, including price, available colors and sizes, making it very easy for them to shop. Just a click and it’s added to their virtual shopping cart.

Added Benefits

WixStores is really a top notch online business opportunity for those who wish to get their small business started in a big way. The site offers everything that a real store would offer to attract and retain its customers; ribbons or coupons offering a specific discount or a percentage off a customer’s order. You will make many happy customers with a special thank you note to keep them coming back.

With easy payment options, such as PayPal, Authorize.net, and offline payments, everything is made simple for you and your customers with an easy shipping method, a host of different currencies and no math required at all!

We are thoroughly impressed with WixStores dynamic features for online business and think it would be a welcome addition for any new business owner or entrepreneur to get started with their new shop. Discover more at Wix.com.

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