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29 Beautiful Flat UI Design Examples

Hello there folks! Today we’ll be sharing some really beautiful flat user interface (UI) design examples in our showcase below. You might have seen several different types of UI design examples by now, but these beautiful flat UI designs will win you over, we’re sure! With their simple, uncomplicated designs, they are gaining popularity with designers across multiple platforms.

Free Admin Panel Template PSD

Free Admin Template – PSD Download

We have seen for quite sometime old-fashioned admin templates for web applications. Although old-fashioned is not always the wrong way, we feel it’s time to give these admin templates a complete new make-over. Conspicuous and easily distinguishable UI graphic elements, with a splash here and there of carefully selected bright colors, and an uncluttered look that makes easy and fun all the analytics, statistical data, and graphical presentations. That is how we believe a modern admin template should be like. This free admin panel PSD template is an attempt on our part to capture evolving and invigorating design trends in modern day admin panels. Hope this new design will inspire you to infuse a bit of chutzpah and lots of freshness into your designs.

Dashboard UI Design

Freebies of the Month (September 2012)

In continuation to our monthly freebies pack we have come up with this month’s freebies pack. By having these UI elements, textures, backgrounds, menus, dashboard, ipad app design, circular navigation, pencil template, responsive website menu, etc in your design bucket you can save a lot of your time. We hope you’d like this pack and share it with your fellows.

App Design Inspiration

35 Mobile and UI App Design Inspiration

The future belongs to mobile applications. And this is no exaggeration. We’re going to see a large and increasing number of web-based applications being converted to mobile applications. Design and development of mobile applications have their own unique challenges. You have to transform all the web interface and functionality in a way that its usability is not compromised in the smaller-size device. The following are 50 mobile and UI app design that you may find interesting and inspiring.

15 iOS App Icon Templates

In an earlier post we have shared with you iOS icon design. Today we bring you a collection of iOS app icon templates. These are free psd files that designers can customize to suit their design requirements and style. We hope that this collection will inspire and help you to create your own iOS app icon. Take a look and let us know what you think of this iOS icon collection.

25 Best Chart and Graph Design Ideas

Have you ever presented a corporate presentation or published a write-up related to some economical or statistical topic? Yes, then you must be very much aware of the importance to choose good graph design and chart design. You must be having a very good idea that how does graph design affect the over all success of your presentation or that of your application design.

Beautiful Examples of Web Page Menu Design

The success factor of any website depends upon the web structure and the web page menu design. Menu design of a web page does play a very vital role in its effective functionality and over all aesthetic appearance of the web page. Hence most of the designers are very much concerned that each time they design a web page their utmost objective is to concentrate upon the web menu design and the website structure is designed with full attention so that the functionality and the appearance of the web page both result to be very effective and full fill the core objective of the web page.

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Freebies of the Month (March 2012)

Looking for high-quality free psd graphics? Then cheer up, we have got them in plenty! And we will keep sharing these free psd files, as we did in January Freebies and February Freebies packs. Like every month, this month again we have come up with a freebies pack. This freebies bundle contains different free psds and free vector templates such as notification bar, mobile app icon, web buttons, UI elements, website background patterns and many more.