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Colorful Logos

25+ Inspiring Colorful Logos

Splash a little color on your design palette as we bring you today’s dose of colorful logos! These cheerful hues will cheer you up and think back on playful times. We personally love these logo color schemes as they are a refreshing change from the strictly professional logos with grave tones. If you change the logo colors you’ll be surprised as to how much the effect changes with the logo.

Typography Design Inspiration

Typography Design Inspiration #3

Today we’ll be sharing with you all some really cool typography design inspiration for your daily dose of design ideas. So if you’re looking for some great typography designs that are dripping with style and oozing creativity, then look no further as these typography designs will cover all your design needs and bring you great results.

Cool Animated Gifs Examples

20 Cool Animated Gifs Examples

They say the best things come in tiny packages, that may be the truth, especially when you see these animated gifs that are going to spread smiles everywhere! Maybe even make you a bit nostalgic for that long ago time of your childhood, you remember in which you kept all your knick-knacks all in tiny little corners? When you see these animated gif examples, you may just want to go back and revisit those memories of hours of playing with your little toys!

Best Music Videos

Best Music Videos of 2013

Today we’ll be sharing with you an awesome collection of some of the best music videos from around the web! Music video isn’t just a music video, it becomes part and parcel of the singer’s identity and it is no wonder then that videographers, directors and multimedia artists and designers are so sought after for this purpose.

13 Inspiring Examples of Clean Corporate Websites

Hi everyone! Today we’ll be talking about some inspiring examples of some of the best corporate websites from around the web as your design inspiration. Give your business and corporate ventures the edge it deserves by making a clean corporate website. We have talked at length about designing websites with you in our previous posts and you have seen several examples on how to create and build exciting websites with creative designs.

Clean and Simple Website Designs

Clean and Simple Website Designs

Hello designers! Today we’ll be bringing you some very clean and simple web designs for your web design inspiration. In our previous posts about web design, you have seen several examples on how to create brilliant websites and given you excellent resources for your inspiration. All the award-winning international websites from the world over have a few things in common and that is the rule you must live by if you want to get ahead in the business of web design – the rule is to always be fresh and creative with your design. No matter what your website is about, the design should be creative and fun and should be unconventional.

Typography Design Inspiration

Typography Design Inspiration #2

Hello designers! How are your design ventures coming along? In our previous posts you must have seen how different types of typography have been used to create amazing graphic design projects, with cool shapes, colours and styles. Today, as a continuation of our typography series, we’ll be bringing you some really cool examples of typography for your typography design inspiration so you can make posters, web designs, and graphic art very easily! You’ll find lots of examples of typography designs to choose and take inspiration from.

Optical Illusion Pics

Optical Illusions That Will Explode Your Mind

Optical illusions give us an eye-opening glimpse into the workings of the brain. Colour and perspective can trick us into seeing things that aren’t actually there. Indeed, many animals and insects – such as butterflies and chameleons – use optical illusions to hide from their predators. However, they don’t just exist in nature. Humans have harnessed their brain-bending powers, using them in everything from art to advertising campaigns. Trick your brain with these incredible optical illusions.