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Three Tips For Creating Successful Blog

Three Tips for Creating a Successful Blog

There are many things that go into creating a blog that is truly successful on the internet. With thousands and thousands of weblogs entering the blogosphere each day it can be particularly difficult to gain any sort of momentum with your own blog. To the surprise of many, blogging is a particularly challenging enterprise to make moves in without the right approach.

Make Your Own Superhero

Make Your Own Superhero

Who doesn’t have a favourite superhero? Hardly anyone. I’m sure when you were all younger, you had a favourite superhero character out of all the cartoons you watched. For some of you, you might still idolize or revere your favourites. So whether you want to make a superhero of your own for a comic you’re designing or just as a hobby, creating your own character can be lots of fun!

How to Create Lomography Photo Effect

Don’t have a lomo camera? No sweat! Now you can create great, vivid looking pictures with our new Photoshop tutorial on lomography. Typically photos captured with a Lomo camera have deep colours, vignette or blurred effects. But now, you won’t have to make a shopping expedition of getting yourself a fancy camera; these photo effects can easily be recreated in Photoshop!

Minimalist Vs. Complex Websites

We are still facing the stupid conception that the creation and publishing of websites is a job for smart kids. The first decade of this millennium brings an end to this idea and the web design industry is born. Nowadays, despite a huge number of online presences, specialized people, who barely know the laws of beautiful design, create most of them. Even if the Internet was born almost twenty years ago, it’s a common and vital entity for the entire society.

Logo Design

How to Create a Logo

A logo is a small graphical element, apparently lacking any importance but thinking deeper, anyone will be aware that it is vital to any profitable business. It makes an invisible connection with a product, company, person and usually people remember such things when seeing the logo. A brand, may be defined (thinking superficially, but plastically) as a well known logo for a quality product.

4 Quick Tips for Portraits

15 Portrait Photography Tips and Tutorials

Isn’t it good if we learn portrait photography sitting at one place and that place is our own? Yeah it is, because right now we are giving you the amazing “Portrait Photography Tips and Tutorials”. Googling may provide you uncountable tutorials on the same subject, but what we are providing you with, is the collection which has come from our endeavors and refined selection. You won’t be needing any googling, if you are already mingling around here. Have fun then!

Script Writing

Things You Should Remember While Script Writing

Do you think you can hold people’s attention with vivid stories and unbeatable tales? Do people hang on to your every word as you recount adventures that would spin their minds? Do people seem to go into a trance as they are transported into your fantasy world? Well then, you can become a good script writer. Script writing is not rocket science. It is an acquired skill that anyone with a little bit of imagination can learn, apply and develop.