Tips to Improve your Website’s ‘About Us’ Page

It’s always great to endorse your business online among fellow anonymous, unknown or known businesses. It’s even better to have some regular visits throughout the day to your URL. It’s usually the ‘About’ page that gets the maximum footfalls since people are curious to have a good look at what you do before considering doing business.

While doing this, visitors are quite unsure about making a decision as every other website reads almost the same. It’s all fluff clubbed with some commonly used adjectives, just like this one.

“XYZ enterprise is a pioneer in providing top-notch IT services to around the globe, delivering innovation at every-step and astonishing customers with flawless support.”

Why would one make a buying decision for this company? I won’t, to say the least. It does sound good for a layman, but it actually speaks nothing more than just trash.

I am no expert, but I would strictly suggest a makeover if you could relate the above flowery, adjective-filled description with your site. So, this is what you must do to make your visitor feel comfortable while choosing you.

Have an Eye for the Customer

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The curious eye(visitor) is looking for the benefit he could draw out of you. So, do consider the visitor’s needs before you jump into writing. Give them solutions, benefits, and the reason to choose you, not others. At the very least, talk logical.

Talk More Facts

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Give facts if you really have some, don’t make them up. Start-ups and new businesses that don’t have a proven record usually frame success stories and fake testimonials thinking this would draw people in. However, the times have changed. People no more fall for faff.

Instead, the right way to do it would be to describe your thoughts and the way you are going to approach things. Write what you hope to do in the next couple of months. Keep your audience interested.

Don’t be a ‘Wanna be’

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Due to inexperience, small businesses usually pile up their web pages with flashy words or phrases, which is a big ‘No’, especially when you are introducing yourself to the world. You can’t afford to suger-coat your own things.

Showcase the raw ‘you’. Be real. Tell them what you could do for them, despite that your business is small. Focus on client-centric needs. Give importance to individuals.

Picture Perfect

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Real photos create trust. Use them, if you can. If you can’t, do not even think of using any. You may find loads of attractive pictures on search engines but it would all look so flossy. You don’t have to show-off at any point. Weed-out any possibility of such thoughts.

Give Accolades a Mention

Flash the accolade(s) you think would have the some impact on visitors actually looking to come on board. Of course, you got to have one to flash. Pardon, if you haven’t got any yet.

Rise Above all, but Yourself First

Yes, you often mull over writing a lot before giving it a shot. But, you got to take it easy. Writing for your ‘About Us‘ page could be very exciting. Decide what your objective is. Avoid any typos(typing errors) and unnecessary praise. Do not write or accept pseudo testimonials. It’s important to let your customer know that you are real and let them decide if you’re the best choice they can make.

Joshua Gallows

This post is contributed by Invoicera, which is an online invoicing software incorporating an online time tracking application within.

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3 Responses

  1. Bhangra says:

    great article guys, please keep up the good work about us page 🙂

  2. I do like this line…
    >>The curious eye(visitor) is looking for the benefit he could draw out of you.

    Lets face it if you have a business and don’t believe this – you really have an uphill struggle ahead.
    We are redesigning now and we know that when we get customers they keep coming back . So actually we are thinking about asking them what we should say !

  3. Yes, it’s definitely how the ‘about us’ page is justified. Talk more facts and avoid garbage or superlative degree words…