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Top 10 MailChimp Alternatives

Online marketing is all about the techniques a business can employ in order to market, promote and advertise its products or services on the Internet. It also goes by the names of eMarketing or i-marketing, but basically all these terms translate to “advertising on the World Wide Web”.

Free Wireframe Tools

Free Wireframing Tools and Kits

Hi designers! Today we’ll be bringing you an excellent resource for designing websites with these wonderful free wireframe tools and kits. If you have loads of designing to do on a frequent basis, you may find these wireframing tools and kits a much needed time saver and an excellent way to present your ideas. Basically, what a wireframe does is provide a visual representation of content, hierarchy and layout.

Create Killer Infographics

5 Resources to Create Killer Infographics

Creating Infographics is not exactly hard, but it can sometimes be a pain if you have to do everything manually. That is why people create tools to help others build better Infographics. It allows you to apply highly graphical techniques without the pain of having to do all of the detailing manually by yourself.

Mobile Website Development

10 Tools for Mobile Website Development

As the use of Smartphones is ever increasing, most websites build a mobile version. Fitting the desktop version in the smaller screen of phones is cumbersome and requires a lot of scrolling back and forth. So, having a version of your website that will fit snugly in any mobile browser will make it more accessible by Smartphone users. There are several tools that will help you create a mobile version. Of them, the following are most handy and easy to use.

Duplicate Content Checker

Best 10 Duplicate Content Checker Tools

Copy Content is the most severe attacker for any weblog and it can cost you a lot if look for engines has discovered duplicate material in your web page. Your weblog can either be eliminated from the look for engines or your position can be descending for all your focused look for phrases.

15+ Free jQuery Plugins for Responsive Web Design

Hey folks! Hope you’re doing well and that your designing ventures are going great! As you know, with the increase of smart phones, tablets and PDAs, web browsing has taken on an entirely new level. As new technology makes it possible to navigate the entire world at the mere touch of your fingertips, it becomes increasingly important to create websites that are compatible and responsive over a wide range of smart devices, and not just PCs.

Best Drawing Apps For iPad

During our hunt to find some of the best drawing app for the iPad, we came across some real best drawing app for iPad which blew our mind. We thought this is a must share with our valuable viewers as everyone holding an iPad should experience these apps and get the idea how easy is the design while holding your iPad in a relax casual mode.

5 Free Apps To Create Your Own Fonts

If you’re like most designers, you’ve probably spent hours at one time or another searching for just the right font to make a good design a great design. With a myriad of commercial and free fonts to choose from online, it shouldn’t be that hard, you always think. But then when you think you’ve found the perfect choice, a key character or two just aren’t quite right and you go back to your search.