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One Page Resume

One Page Resume in Just $6

Hope you’re all doing great, and having fun with your work. In the middle of all your projects, sometimes you might not find time to update your resumes and feel like you can’t decide on a good way to present it. Well, today, we’re presenting you with our new one page resume that you can get in just $6 and let it take care of all your curriculum vitae needs in one neat design.

50 Blurred HD Backgrounds

50 Blurred HD Backgrounds

As the world shifts, and seasons change, people get ready to huddle with their favorite warm sweaters and winter gear and icy winds pick up, get ready to welcome in the fall season with our exciting new post of the day; 50 Blurred HD Backgrounds and that too in just $7! Use these wonderful HD Blurred Backgrounds to echo the new season as your windows become foggy with frost and chill from the coming winter season.

Web Form Steps

20 Beautiful Form Steps

Ever wondered how you can make signing, registering and purchasing a fun process for your users? Today, we’ll be sharing with you a fun and creative way to make all your form steps for your websites, so your users won’t get boggled or confused with complicated steps and you will make your form signing process as easy as apple pie!

270 Outline Icons

270 Vector Outline Icons Pack

Can you imagine a modern website with no icons on it? Well, theoretically, it is possible. But to be honest to create a no-icon website you will probably have to make a lot of compromises on the fronts of design and user-friendliness. Icons are not merely fancy little images that make the web design more attractive. They serve to fulfill one of the most important website requirement – save space. The new web trends favor simpler websites and avoid too much textual clutter. That can only be achieved with smart use of well-designed icons. This icon bundle contains 270 frequently used outline icons. All icons are easy to modify and there are no size constraints. You can use them as per your need.

Landing Page Templates

Beautiful Landing Pages in Just $4

Hi guys! Today we’ll be bringing you some really beautiful, simple yet stylish landing page templates that you can use as launching soon, under construction, or coming soon pages for your websites which you are currently working on. They are up for grabs, so we sincerely hope that these will prove to be asset for your design kit and you’ll enjoy them immensely.

User Interface Design Kit

Web Application – UI Design Kit

Today we bring you a very beautiful web application user interface design kit or you can call it an admin template. It has a beautiful header that covers all the core operations of any web application such as navigation, sub navigation, user profile, notifications, search and logout. You can easily create your web application by making necessary changes to it.

240 Vector Icons Pack

240 Vector Icons Pack

This vector icons pack contains 240 commonly used vector icons. Minimal, clean, simple, and beautiful are among the qualities that can be attributed to the design of these icons. That means that you can use it anywhere, on any website or mobile interface, for any purpose, in any size, without worrying about the quality of the final image. With these vector icons pack you have absolutely no size constraint.

Under Construction Page

7 Under Construction Page PSD Templates

Website under-construction pages are all too common on the World Wide Web. And all too often we don’t pay enough attention to things we consider ordinary or transitory. But this is not how a good website developer or graphics designer should think. If you believe in good web design, every stage, every element, every single page of the website should speak for your uniqueness and finesse. Yes, today, once again, we bring you seven website under construction page PSD templates.