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Cool Animated Gifs Examples

20 Cool Animated Gifs Examples

They say the best things come in tiny packages, that may be the truth, especially when you see these animated gifs that are going to spread smiles everywhere! Maybe even make you a bit nostalgic for that long ago time of your childhood, you remember in which you kept all your knick-knacks all in tiny little corners? When you see these animated gif examples, you may just want to go back and revisit those memories of hours of playing with your little toys!

25 Brilliant and Amazing Short Film Ideas

Hey folks! Today we are going to share a great resource for short film ideas. A lot has already been discussed about films and film genre. So today, we thought we’ll share some amazing short films with you for your next project. Usually when you’re looking for an idea for your film, you do a lot of research into what has already been made on your idea, both commercially and privately.

15 Brilliant Ideas of Rotoscoping Video

Rotoscoping is an animation technique in which animators trace over live-action film movement frame by frame for use in animated films. Previously, frosted glass was used as a projector to redraw the images of a film, now the computers have revolutionized this process by making rotoscoping easier, quicker and more beautiful.

20 Striking Examples of Video Effects

Hey guys! We’re back and today we have something really cool to share with you! That’s right! We’re talking about video effects. Currently, there is SO much being done in the editing process aided as it is by technology, plug-ins, and software, that it is virtually possible to completely change the look and feel of your video, especially more so with video effects.

18 Stop Motion Animation Video Ideas

Animated stop motion videos are the next big thing and especially useful for young budding film-makers. Imagine making your own film with very limited resources and be the designer, artist, director, producer and choreographer all at the same time! Without a doubt, animated stop motion videos are fun to watch, but they can take a lot of time to plan and execute. So here are some fun stop motion animation videos for you to watch and enjoy!

Romantic Short Love Stories Videos

Who says the art of story telling is dead? It isn’t. It is simply changing form, switching mediums… undergoing a constant transformation to reach an audience that belongs to a new era, an information age. The following are some romantic short love stories videos that treat their subjects in abstract but imaginative ways. Brilliant stuff.

20 Best Animated Music Videos

Music is something that plays with your heart and emotions. We have seen that singers and bands are promoting their music with some cool and crazy animation videos. No doubt, these videos plays a very positive role in their music promotion and engages the audience attention in just a few eye blinks.