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Minimal Web Design

Simple and Clean Examples of Minimal Web Design

The ultimate beauty of the minimal web design is that it says a lot by designing the least on the canvas. Means it is so simple that a big deal of information or message is hidden in the simplest drawings. The selection of the drawings however do require a lot of thinking exercise as one has to draw those objects only which do posses depth in them.

30 Creative Examples of Minimal Print Ads

Print ads are considered to be a form of communication through which the viewers are being persuaded or impressed in order to buy a certain product or services. Print ads could be some what considered to be a cheap form of advertisements. However; these are also the toughest form of advertisements when it comes to impress the viewers without any speech or motion graphics. So the real creativity of the designers is tested here where the drawings or the minimal design has to say a lot and convince the viewers to take a required action.

Free Symbols and Mini Web Icons

In an earlier post we have shared with you 45 Free Small Symbols Vector Icon Sets. We’re encouraged by the response we got from you and have decided to share a fresh collection of free symbols and mini web icons. These small icons can be used in mobile apps, websites or other web applications. The featured icons also have a number of vector icons that can be used in print media campaigns.

29 Minimal WordPress Themes of All Time

Minimalist WordPress themes are a great asset for website owners who are seeking great features and attractive designs for free of cost and time-saving. There are huge number of minimal wordpress themes available to achieve almost anything without coding knowledge and without spending single penny.

20 Inspiring Minimalist Movie Posters

Designing movie posters is a dream job for any designer. It can allow for maximum creativity and lots of room for experimentation. So today, we are bringing you a great collection of minimalist movie posters. Poster printing is itself so dynamic and changing with the new times, it has given a lot for minimal movie posters designs as well.

Mastering The Basics Of Success In Minimalist Web Design

The more, the better. Nope. Not always, of course. Sometimes, we love simplicity over excess and from this weird human psychology, born a new concept, code named – Minimalist. It is like removing excess to make things simple and this is probably the most talked about trend in the web design industry. No more glossy buttons, overdose of images, over the top use of graphics and the list thus goes on.