How to Reach the Best Website Design Agency (as a Designer)

Are you an experienced website designer looking for a highly-paid job at a website design company? Are you getting paid less for your web design work? Are you looking for a web designing job to start your career?

If you’re faced with such a situation, you probably need to continue reading this article…

For a design agency to be recognized as the best website design agency, it must consistently design original, well-crafted and optimized website designs for its customers. Portfolios (past work) clearly show how good of a job a web design agency does.

There are definitely certain things that are considered a must-have for any website, blog, template or dynamic site design, but still each client is different and their specific businesses require different approaches to website design.

Getting hired by the best is never a straightforward or easy task. There are some complicated aspects of human psychology involved in the process, at both ends. Apprehensions of the prospective employee and expectations of the prospective employer, and all this is topped with the business and marketing approaches and styles of the hiring company. Confusing much?

Worry not, we’ve got some very exciting tips for you here! So, buckle up, because here is your crash course on  marketing, psychology and some social interaction science to help you land the web design job of your dreams or your next freelance web design client.

Best Website Design Agency

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4 Must-do Things to Reach the Best Website Design Agency

Take a look at these 4 important things you should be doing as a web designer to let some top web design agencies notice you:

1. Mention the Agency Website in the Content

An effective tactic to reach a website design agency is to mention their site (with URL of course) on your own website. Now you may not like to mention other websites on your own website, since that could look a little odd. So, the solution lies in something a designer like yourself must possess…your official blog! And remember, your official blog must be linked to your official website.

WordPress templates are a great way to manage your portfolio and blog at the same time.

So, if you want to reach a web design agency, analyze their website and try to mention it (positively!) in your blog’s content. In addition to highlighting their positive points you can also  mention improvements that can help that web agency.

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If they’re tracking their websites stats through tools like Google Analytics, they will surely notice your mention. In case you don’t see any response for weeks, you can reach them via email to tell them about the mention.

2. Refer and Share on Social Media

Social media sharing and referral means a lot to brands. You must be following that web design agency on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Use the platform where that agency is pretty active. Reshare its content and tell your friends about the agency.

It’s a great way to interact, make relations and build communication — Because you’re doing a favor for nothing, and companies love that.

You might get a call from them if you have an active, clear and sophisticated social media profile with proper contact details, and your credentials match their requirements.


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Twitter is a fantastic way to interact and attract web design agencies, because most of them are active on Twitter. When you mention the web design agency, use proper hashtags along with twitter handle of the web design agency.

3. Send a Direct Email

If nothing happens that way, you can probably shoot them an email. Be polite, succinct, and tell them exactly what you want. Long emails are less likely to get the reply.

Your email to the web agency should have required details, purpose of contact, expertise and specialties you can provide as a web designer.

4. Report Bugs or Recommend Updates

If you find any problem in the design agency’s website, feel free to report it to them, explaining the problem and how to fix it. Later, tell them that you were analyzing their website and found those bugs.

At the end, briefly introduce your work, portfolios and other profile details. This is how your positive image will be delivered to the company you might want to reach directly.

Sometimes it is better to reach a company not from a traditional pathway, but through a channel that offers you an opportunity to directly add value to company products.

Wrapping it all up

So, how do you evaluate our tips for landing your dream web design job? Have you ever contacted an agency through these channels? What would you do differently to get attracted by a good web design agency?

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2 Responses

  1. Jerad says:

    This is a great list! Personally, I would highly suggest conferences and local meetups. I once got a full-time position because I went up to the manager of the job that I wanted and talked to him about his input on the topic that was discussed at a local meetup. He was glad to see there was someone listening and almost immediately told me they were hiring. I had the job 1.5 weeks later. The dream job didn’t work out but I learned a lot from the experience and was able to get an even better position a year later. 🙂

  2. Designsense Website Designers says:

    Great post, we find that the meetups are best, getting to know the web designer and understanding what they find important to their work helps us to understand how they will work in with the rest of our team. Cheers