16 Latest Super Cool Mobile Apps for 2012

The mobile industry has made remarkable advancements and progress over the past few years. The concept of mobile phones have changed, they are now no more a regular and ordinary cellular device for making calls and sending online sms, rather they have become a mini computer capable of doing almost everything. No wonder cell phones have become an integral part of our lives. Whether its concerning business, education, media, entertainment, etc., cell phones play a vital role in our lives in almost every aspect.

The latest astounding apps for 2012


Waze: A tool that has gained popularity as it helps you in putting less amount of time in the traffic. This application is capable of automatically reading the GPS locations and the speed of every individual who use this app, and communicates the data back to different people taking the same route or direction. The users will also be able to notify heavy traffic, accidents, police speed traps, etc. as well as ping the other individuals who use Waze, to get hold of real-time updates.


Flipboard: This app has been a huge hit ever since its inception and combines materials from blogs, social networks and websites. This application is available for both iPhone as well as iPads. This “social magazine” is given credit for introducing changes in the way people get access to contents available online, that undoubtedly makes a stir in the industry of digital publishing as compared to established publishers that launch paid, big names.


Snapseed: This app is used for editing photos and is available for both iPhones as well as iPads, but it becomes more prominent on the large screen of the tablet. This app having been awarded by Apple with the title “iPad App of the year” is capable of getting you the best out of your pictures with automatic enhancement editing, enhancement of specific areas, filters with special effects and many more.


Path: This app offers a digital diary and ways of sharing with your limited number of groups comprising of close friends. This app appeals to people who are conscious of privacy and social savvies. Options for great photography and attractive UI make this app a favorite for those who wish to share their lives on a more private note. The best part of this app-it comes for free!


Instagram: This feature will enable you in snapping images, processing it with the amazing filter effects of the app, and finally sharing it with not just the Instagram community, but also with your family, friends and other contacts.


Stamped: You will be capable of “stamping” anything- ranging from food to films, view the stamps of your friends and can also construct an archive of the things that you are in love with and refer to it later. This app comes for free too.


Tango: With the help of this app, you will be able to make phone calls and video calls to any individual who has this app installed on his tablet, pc, or smart phone, for free. With an attractive UI, it serves as a very good option for owners of Windows phone.


FeedWorm: It’s an application of Windows phone that synchronizes with your account in Google Reader and enables reading RSS feeds very easily on your smart phone. Its support for offline services and an interface that’s squeaky clean makes this app a must.


Bubblegum: This app, created by the programmers of Microsoft, comprises of all the super cool filters and iOS with social options. This app integrates very well with the WP7 platform.


Mixtapes: This app, backed by 8tracks, provides free accessing of a huge collection of songs in several playlists or “mixes” made by the lovers of music, worldwide. This app is great for both listening sessions that have themes as well as for the discovery of music. This app also comes for free.

Amazing Widgets

Amazing widgets: This app makes the maximum use of options for customization with a number of ways to make your phone personalized according to your choice. Apart from themes and skins, there are plenty of widgets for your cell phone’s clock, weather reports, and display of date and toggle widgets.


Glympse: A service for sharing locations, this app will make other people aware of your current location-irrespective of whether the location is stationary or on roads, over Facebook, Twitter, email or sms. This application finds great use in both play and work as it comes with options for timing that addresses concerns regarding privacy. This app comes free of cost.

Pulse News

Pulse News: This app offers the owners to catch up with the latest affairs and other important contents of the web, both online as well as offline, in a way that is visually pleasing. Streams are gathered by the app from a collection of your favorite websites that are categorically based, and the stories are updated in every single stream upon opening the application.


Trapster: An app supported by Apple, Blackberry and Android, it helps to pool information from one driver to help another driver. The users report on enforcement cameras, speed traps by police, and road hazards so that you will be able to take the route that will be the most suitable for you and also avoid any kind of danger.


Imo: This app synchronizes with the contacts on your accounts in Facebook, AIM, MSN, Google Talk and many more, and of course serving as an easy way to keep contacts with other people on several IM services.

Back up for SMS and Restore

Back up for SMS and Restore: If you are more into sending texts then you might wish to have a back up of the messages on the SD card of the phone, which may be interesting or important to you. This app will definitely do this job very easily for you, without your having to root your cell phone.

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