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Typography Design Inspiration

Typography Design Inspiration #1

Hi designers! Today we’ll be sharing some great typography designs with you and make your text come alive with these wonderful typography styles and cool styles. Sometimes, you just want something new and interesting for all your text work and nothing you have in your design bucket will seem to work. At times like these, you need to come up with something new and novel that will stand out and breath fresh air into all your designs.

The Benefits of Adobe’s Creative Cloud

When Adobe announced their move away from packaged software in favor of a subscription-based model, they generated some controversy to say the least. Designers everywhere were quick to jump to the conclusion that greed was Adobe’s motivating factor, and many still believe this to be the case. Others believe that this was a necessary and inevitable move on Adobe’s part in order to stay current. Whatever the motivation, Creative Cloud is here to stay, and it actually comes with some pretty cool benefits that were not included with the Creative Suite.

29 Beautiful Flat UI Design Examples

Hello there folks! Today we’ll be sharing some really beautiful flat user interface (UI) design examples in our showcase below. You might have seen several different types of UI design examples by now, but these beautiful flat UI designs will win you over, we’re sure! With their simple, uncomplicated designs, they are gaining popularity with designers across multiple platforms.

Free Admin Panel Template

Free Admin Panel Template – PSD Download

Hey there folks! Today we are bringing you another exciting freebie! Hold on to your horses people, because we are about to make your user interface experience top-notch! How many times have you wished for a simple, clean, professional admin panel template for your websites? Today, we’ll be giving you a free admin panel template just designed that way so your workload is down to a minimum. All you have to do is click a button, and it’s yours! Get ready to meet your free admin panel template!

40 Stunning Flyer Design Examples to Amaze You

A flyer is an age-old and effective way of marketing an upcoming event. Flyers are a single page leaflets which will provide the important information about the promotion to be done. It necessarily does not contain lot of text or literature. Thus the only thing required for creating a flyer is “creativity”. The Flyers always need to be eye-catching and have attractive element in it. Flyer can be used for announcing a new bakery shop, selling old furniture or a concert performance.

coming soon page design

20+ Best Examples of Coming Soon Page Design

Among couple of pages whose design cannot be over looked at all are the coming soon pages. When it comes to design a coming soon page the designers are always in search of some out of the box ideas in order to deliver the best they can. The best coming soon pages are the one which grab the attention of any passing by person irrespective of his age or which segment they belong. The designer succeeds when even a lay man calls up the contact number and seeks the information of the coming soon page. Some time the coming soon design is just crowded with vibrant hues and some times they are as simple as a black background with minimum letters displayed on it.

Giveaway: 3 Dribbble & 9 Forrst Invites

Giveaway: 3 Dribbble & 9 Forrst Invites

As you are aware Dribbble and Forrst are among the most popular online designer communities. Any professional designer knows there is a prestige attached to the membership of these communities. Little wonder so many designers aspire to join them. However, the membership is by invite only. This restriction is to attract only serious-minded accomplished designers who could contribute to the community.

Web Application Example

20 Beautiful Example of Web Application Designs

Recently there has been explosion of online web applications. Businesses around the world are choosing to have online web applications to run their businesses. As a matter of fact, some new business models depend exclusively on web-based commercial applications. A good web application should be able to attract and engage consumers and induce them to buy products or services online. This is only possible if the web application has a functional and intuitive layout and design. In other words, a web application should be simple, easy-to-navigate with an attractive graphic design.