Giveaway: 3 Dribbble & 9 Forrst Invites

As you are aware Dribbble and Forrst are among the most popular online designer communities. Any professional designer knows there is a prestige attached to the membership of these communities. Little wonder so many designers aspire to join them. However, the membership is by invite only. This restriction is to attract only serious-minded accomplished designers who could contribute to the community.

Giveaway: 3 Dribbble & 9 Forrst Invites

We have 3 Dribbble and 9 Forrst invites that we want to ‘give away’. You could be the one to receive an invite if you:

– share this post on your social media.
– enter your name in the Comments below (using the same email you want to receive the invite at).
– share the link(s) to your online design portfolio.

We will share the invites with the winners on May 20, 2013. And you could be among the lucky ones!

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10 Responses

  1. Madeeha says:

    Me me me!

  2. Jeii Zhu says:

    I really want a dribbble invite. Thank you so much!

  3. Ahmad Hania says:

    I would really like a Dribbble & a Forrst invites as I’m both a designer and developer.

  4. Tim says:

    Thank you in advance for a Dribbble invite.

  5. Anticio Duke says:

    Awww shucks. You guys shouldnt have…. 🙂
    Thanks a ton in advance for the Dribbble invite.

  6. Pavan Somu says:

    Awesome Giveaway. I would really like a Dribbble & a Forrst invites

  7. So no result yet?