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Making Money from Mobile Phone Photos with Clashot

Now, almost all mobile phone in the world, from the most famous until the infamous local brands, are equipped with camera technology. The quality of the camera inside the phone is also enough for taking good photograph. This trend has made people all around the world familiar with photographs and photography. With mobile phone equipped with camera inside their pocket, people start to take photos of any objects, scenery, events, or even random activities as long as it is interesting for them.

29 Beautiful Flat UI Design Examples

Hello there folks! Today we’ll be sharing some really beautiful flat user interface (UI) design examples in our showcase below. You might have seen several different types of UI design examples by now, but these beautiful flat UI designs will win you over, we’re sure! With their simple, uncomplicated designs, they are gaining popularity with designers across multiple platforms.

Rule of Responsive Web Design

Future Changes of Mobile eCommerce in Retail

ECommerce nowadays is on its full force and a number of online companies have taken advantage of that and sold products all around the world. More and more people are opting to buy stuff online and save time and money rather than going to the actual physical store and this has also helped in the rise of number of eCommerce websites all over the world. However, one new and fairly unpredictable change which has come over is the fact that there has been a steep rise in the graph of people using their phones for researching as well making purchases online.

Mobile User Experience

The Essentials of the Mobile User Experience

Mobile device sales skyrocketed in the past years due to the significant advances in technology and modern innovative trends in the world market. According to a survey, there are currently more than 6 billion mobile subscribers equating to more than 87% of the world population. Conning the influence mobile devices have in our daily lives can give so much perspective on the achievements of modern technology as well as a potential outlook towards the future.

A Showcase of Beautiful Mobile App Icons

Before Apple released the iPhone, well-designed mobile software was a rarity. User interfaces were awkward and clumsy, and web and desktop software design was light years ahead. The iPhone changed all of this – with Apple’s obsessive focus on gorgeous design, people’s standards for what they expected out of their mobile device were raised.

Mobile Website Development

10 Tools for Mobile Website Development

As the use of Smartphones is ever increasing, most websites build a mobile version. Fitting the desktop version in the smaller screen of phones is cumbersome and requires a lot of scrolling back and forth. So, having a version of your website that will fit snugly in any mobile browser will make it more accessible by Smartphone users. There are several tools that will help you create a mobile version. Of them, the following are most handy and easy to use.

Dashboard UI Design

Freebies of the Month (September 2012)

In continuation to our monthly freebies pack we have come up with this month’s freebies pack. By having these UI elements, textures, backgrounds, menus, dashboard, ipad app design, circular navigation, pencil template, responsive website menu, etc in your design bucket you can save a lot of your time. We hope you’d like this pack and share it with your fellows.

HOW TO: Start Developing for iOS, Android or Windows Phone 7

In today’s date, we can witness multi-fold growth in technology that is given rise to a number of electronic gadgets and some interesting applications and supporting systems. One of the most widely used electronic gadgets that even a small child is familiar with and something that is used by even a very old person is nothing but the mobile phone.