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Colour – Behind the Print Curtain – Colour Guide is a great website for getting cards, invitations, business cards as well as leaflets designed and printed. The option is there to design your own or you can use the templates they provide. Before you get started, there are a few guides to look over so you have an idea of how it works. The colour guide provided is a quick an easy read, giving you some information on what instantprint has to offer.

25+ Creative Examples of Letterhead design

25+ Creative Examples of Letterhead design

Starting a new business and need some quick, creative stationary to promote it? Or are you looking for ways to revamp and redesign your brand in creative ways? Well then, look no further, because in today’s post we’ll be talking all about creative examples of letterhead designs. Letterhead designs are a unique way of promoting your business or brand and you can create quite an impression if you have a good letter head design and a good printing job with it.

Modern Business Card Examples

30 Modern Business Card Examples

Business cards are the new first meetings between people. A business card is the one of the most difficult things to construct as you only have a limited space in which to introduce yourself. But it is also one of the most creative and fun things to construct as well! And every designer knows that creating a business card is like condensing a whole playground into a small little garden.

Print Your Projects With

Either as a designer, web developer or entrepreneur, you’ve most likely been in the situation of needing a print or a business card as urgent as “yesterday”. Quality printing speaks about the quality of your business, and sometimes, it may even be the final touch that will land you the gig you’ve been hoping for. I know myself have always wanted a service that’s fast, reliable, and most important, to have impeccable availability.

40 Stunning Flyer Design Examples to Amaze You

A flyer is an age-old and effective way of marketing an upcoming event. Flyers are a single page leaflets which will provide the important information about the promotion to be done. It necessarily does not contain lot of text or literature. Thus the only thing required for creating a flyer is “creativity”. The Flyers always need to be eye-catching and have attractive element in it. Flyer can be used for announcing a new bakery shop, selling old furniture or a concert performance.

Brochure Examples

Interesting and Unusual Brochure Examples

Today we’ll be talking to you about some very interesting and unusual brochure examples. In our earlier posts, we have talked at length about brochure designs, and showed you some beautiful examples as well. Today, we’ll be taking that lesson a step further, and give your creative cells something to work on! Think out of the ordinary with today’s showcase as we bring you more brochure examples and tell you about brochure printing and brochure design services.

29 Awesome Business Card Design Examples

Who doesn’t like a beautifully designed, cleverly crafted business card? If eyes are the windows of the soul, then business cards are definitely the same for a businesses and enterprises everywhere. Imagine handing over your own awesome business card to your prospective client and imagine the look on their faces and the impression that they will carry with them of you, your work and business for a long, long time. The business cards that make an impression are often the ones which are cleverly crafted and ingeniously designed. So today, we’ll be bringing for you some awesome business card design examples and tell you more about business card printing.

15+ Free Brochure Template Downloads

Hello there folks! We are back yet again with a useful post for you all. Whether you’re promoting a business or want to create awareness about a new product or service, brochures are a fun way to get your message across. Today we’ll be bringing you absolutely free brochure templates that you can download and use immediately for your design work.