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About Us Page

Tips to Improve your Website’s ‘About Us’ Page

It’s always great to endorse your business online among fellow anonymous, unknown or known businesses. It’s even better to have some regular visits throughout the day to your URL. It’s usually the ‘About’ page that gets the maximum footfalls since people are curious to have a good look at what you do before considering doing business.

Top 5 Ways to Design The Most Exhilarating Websites By Online Graphic Design Courses

Top 5 Ways to Design The Most Exhilarating Websites By Online Graphic Design Courses

Professional training is important in every field in order to get an edge over others. Be it a doctor or a graphic designers, without an in depth knowhow on the various aspects and techniques about the subject, they cannot prosper in their profession. For designing an exhilarating and attractive website, it is important for the designers to have an in depth understanding about the different applications of the photo editing and graphic designing platforms.

Html5 Video

How to Create HTML5 Video for Your Website

A very interesting novelty of HTML5 is the ability to view multimedia content, especially video, using only the HTML tags. If we consider that each tag is actually interpreted by the browser, and then rendered, it soon becomes clear that the new specifications concern browsers, and not the page syntax. As of today, if we look at the operation of HTML, videos are usually displayed somewhere with a special plug-in, most notably Adobe’s Flash and Apple’s QuickTime.

Tips for Designing a Child-Friendly Site

Tips for Designing a Child-Friendly Site

In case you have a product or store that is targeted at children specifically, it would be advisable to design a site which is child-friendly. The following are some of the things you need to consider when building such a site.

Quick Operations

5 Best Mobile Web Development Practices

iPhones and Androids are quickly capturing the market. This is because they have fast internet, well made browsers and fast processors. Mobile sites are being developed which will attract more customers. A robust mobile site is being the top priority for the development team. The best mobile web design practice methods should be given the first priority by the development team to obtain great results.

15+ Free jQuery Plugins for Responsive Web Design

Hey folks! Hope you’re doing well and that your designing ventures are going great! As you know, with the increase of smart phones, tablets and PDAs, web browsing has taken on an entirely new level. As new technology makes it possible to navigate the entire world at the mere touch of your fingertips, it becomes increasingly important to create websites that are compatible and responsive over a wide range of smart devices, and not just PCs.

25 Beautiful Dark Website Designs

The world plays on contrast. Everything that exists in the universe is balanced by the dark and the light, the yin and the yang, the white against the black, the hard against the soft and the strong against the weak. Without this contrast, every value would be meaningless, dull, boring and monotonous. With this very contrast in mind, we bring to you today our collection of 25 beautiful dark website designs for your viewing pleasure and design inspiration.

Dashboard UI Design

Freebies of the Month (September 2012)

In continuation to our monthly freebies pack we have come up with this month’s freebies pack. By having these UI elements, textures, backgrounds, menus, dashboard, ipad app design, circular navigation, pencil template, responsive website menu, etc in your design bucket you can save a lot of your time. We hope you’d like this pack and share it with your fellows.