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Create a User-Friendly Web Design

12 Tips To Create a User-Friendly Web Design

The first thing that goes through everyone’s mind when there is lack of visitors to the website is that their marketing had not been sufficient. However, most of us overlook some of the commonest problems. To ensure that visitors to the web stay on after the first 7 seconds, your site should have easy access to information, user-friendly layout and attractive design.

FREE: Landing Page HTML Template

40+ Free and Premium Landing Page Templates

Think bold. Think fresh. And think classy. That’s all you need, other than a little help from us of course, to get you creating a landing page. In our showcase today, we are sharing some free and premium landing page templates with you. Landing pages are becoming increasingly popular as the race in the world of e-marketing increases to a new level. Typically, a landing page, or a lead capture page or a lander, is a webpage that users navigate to after clicking on an advert.

5 Best Web Design Galleries For Inspiration

The major objective of web design galleries is to provide the designer a platform where they can have the maximum creative insight into the world of imagination. By viewing these galleries the designer get a chance to view the best designs available out there and how the designers and developers together can bring some thing extra ordinary creative and appealing for the viewers.

Restaurant Web Design

20 Delicious Examples of Restaurant Web Design

Why does the restaurant web design matter a lot? Does it contribute to the restaurant image and business development? Or only the design of the main course menu-card matters? Well of course not, it’s not only the design of the menu card but also the interior design that matters. Something affects the visitor’s mood at a very initial stage. Yes of course! It is the website design. One always wishes to have a memorable dine out experience no matter if he has been planning it once in every month or probably every second night.

15 Inspiring Examples of Medical Web Design

You are working on a medical project and looking for medical web design inspiration? In today’s post we bring you a collection of top medical websites that will give you plenty of medical web design ideas. Take a look and get inspire!

40 Free and Premium Admin Templates

Most experienced web designers understand the importance of conceiving and designing professional looking and user friendly admin templates. An admin template is like the dashboard of a software platform and acts as a nerve center for controlling the software application. Admin templates are an essential feature of Content Management System (CMS) applications too.

11 Light Subtle Patterns

200+ Seamless Patterns For Web Design

The more patterns designers have in their design libraries, the more efficiently they can create beautiful graphic designs. Today we bring you more than 200 seamless patterns that you can save and use in your future designs. The following collection displays a very wide variety of seamless patterns. These patterns can especially be used for web designs.

25 Beautiful Websites with Textured Backgrounds

Go and take a look at some arbitrary websites on the Internet. You will find many of them are not using just a plain white background. Their background will be designed in one form or another. This design of background – be it of any kind, color or shape – is known as a textured background. The word is somewhat misleading in the sense that it suggests that only those websites that have some kind of text written on their backgrounds will qualify as “textured” background.