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What Will Happen If Usability And Aesthetics Co-Exist Harmoniously

What Will Happen If Usability And Aesthetics Co-Exist Harmoniously

A website is a visual expression of a web owners soul. The aspect of aesthetics are usually emphasized before creating a website. Let us think of an empty website as a plain white canvas. The artist, being the web designer, breathes life into it by filling it with his preferences and beliefs – thus, transforming it into a work of art. However, many web designers commit the sin of neglecting another important element that makes a web design great: usability.

Latest Web Design Trends in WordPress

Latest Web Design Trends in WordPress

For budding photographers, graphic designers as well as web designers, Photoshop is one of the most useful tools in the market. In this blog, we provide 35 superb tutorials that will teach you fantastic photo effects and make you use different tools and skill sets.

Mobile Website Development

10 Tools for Mobile Website Development

As the use of Smartphones is ever increasing, most websites build a mobile version. Fitting the desktop version in the smaller screen of phones is cumbersome and requires a lot of scrolling back and forth. So, having a version of your website that will fit snugly in any mobile browser will make it more accessible by Smartphone users. There are several tools that will help you create a mobile version. Of them, the following are most handy and easy to use.

Web Design Tips

Merging Content Strategy and Website Design: 4 Tips for Success

Since Google Panda and Penguin updates were implemented in 2011, one of the most common complaints I hear is “traffic to my website has practically halved”. The appearance of these algorithm updates has indeed revolutionised our perceptions of quality content and has brought about a stronger need for a streamlined content development process. The question is, how can we optimise the incorporation of content strategy into web design in the post-Panda age?

About Pages Design

25 Creative and Interesting About Pages Design

Among the number of website pages the one which holds the major importance for all the stakeholder is the about pages. The very first question which is being asked to the designer is what would be the design of the about page. What would be the basic theme of the about page design? How creatively the designer will design the about us page? What creative design would be incorporated in the over all website and especially the about page? So surprisingly these are the major initial concerns of the stakeholder when they get their website being developed by any designer, whether he is an internal employee or a consultant.

Night Club Website Designs

40 Nightclub Websites to See Before You Go Dancing Tonight

Most of the nightclubs are designed in vivid colors with bright smooth elements. And do you know how web designers arrange nightclub websites? I bet the truth will surprise you! Look through the round-up of 40 nightclub websites to find out some trends. Or you can spend a few minutes to know more about disco sites peculiarities that I’ve already noted. So choose what you like.

Contact Page Design

25+ Beautiful Examples of Contact Page Designs

Have you ever wondered the importance of the contact page design of websites? Do the design of contact pages really effect the over all business of a website? Well if you think deep into this context you will definitely get a positive answer to this. After all the contact page has got the major information through which your prospective clients or users are about to reach you.

3d Websites Designs

35+ Impressive Examples of 3d Websites

As it is the era of 3D and any thing which has got a glimpse of 3D in it is selling like a hot cake. Whether it’s a 3D greeting card or a 3D Painting or may be a 3D web design and above all the 3D movies, all of them have captured a good market share. Even the kids are madly wondering about the 3D cinemas and planning when they would be watching their next 3D movie.