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15+ Free jQuery Plugins for Responsive Web Design

Hey folks! Hope you’re doing well and that your designing ventures are going great! As you know, with the increase of smart phones, tablets and PDAs, web browsing has taken on an entirely new level. As new technology makes it possible to navigate the entire world at the mere touch of your fingertips, it becomes increasingly important to create websites that are compatible and responsive over a wide range of smart devices, and not just PCs.

Create a User-Friendly Web Design

12 Tips To Create a User-Friendly Web Design

The first thing that goes through everyone’s mind when there is lack of visitors to the website is that their marketing had not been sufficient. However, most of us overlook some of the commonest problems. To ensure that visitors to the web stay on after the first 7 seconds, your site should have easy access to information, user-friendly layout and attractive design.

FREE: Landing Page HTML Template

40+ Free and Premium Landing Page Templates

Think bold. Think fresh. And think classy. That’s all you need, other than a little help from us of course, to get you creating a landing page. In our showcase today, we are sharing some free and premium landing page templates with you. Landing pages are becoming increasingly popular as the race in the world of e-marketing increases to a new level. Typically, a landing page, or a lead capture page or a lander, is a webpage that users navigate to after clicking on an advert.

5 Reasons Why You Must Drop Flash For Web

HTML5 is a recent version of HTML combined with innovation. Flash is one of the most popular platform for designing animated web elements and bring the page to life. Are you using Flash elements on your Web Page, Here are 5 reasons which might convince you to drop Flash.

40 Free and Premium Admin Templates

Most experienced web designers understand the importance of conceiving and designing professional looking and user friendly admin templates. An admin template is like the dashboard of a software platform and acts as a nerve center for controlling the software application. Admin templates are an essential feature of Content Management System (CMS) applications too.

PSD to HTML Services by CodeMyConcept

If you have ever tried creating a website by yourself, then you probably know how challenging website coding can get. Working on HTML markup is probably the most time-consuming part of the job. When you have too much on your plate, outsourcing this task seems quite reasonable. There are a lot of companies, offering PSD to HTML services. It’s easy to find one, but it’s hard to choose the right one. This review is about the experience I had with guys at CodeMyConcept.

18 Examples of Hand Drawn Web Page Design Elements

Designing a new web page is always a challenging task for a web designer because the main objective of a web designer is to develop some thing extra ordinary appealing by using the elements of a good web design each time he designs a new page. Having an instinct of a designer it is the ultimate passion of a designer to introduce some thing new into his new creation. Same is the case while designing a new web page the designer is always very much concerned to introduce some thing state of the art or eye catching to attract the maximum attention of the visitors.

25 Best Chart and Graph Design Ideas

Have you ever presented a corporate presentation or published a write-up related to some economical or statistical topic? Yes, then you must be very much aware of the importance to choose good graph design and chart design. You must be having a very good idea that how does graph design affect the over all success of your presentation or that of your application design.