40+ Free and Premium Landing Page Templates

Think bold. Think fresh. And think classy. That’s all you need, other than a little help from us of course, to get you creating a landing page. In our showcase today, we are sharing some free and premium landing page templates with you. Landing pages are becoming increasingly popular as the race in the world of e-marketing increases to a new level. Typically, a landing page, or a lead capture page or a lander, is a webpage that users navigate to after clicking on an advert. Their purpose is to highlight the product/service they wish to sell and make customers out of the users who ‘land’ on the page. Needless to say, a landing page is a very vital tool of online business and marketing.

First and foremost, like all business and marketing tools, a landing page is all about giving the exact precise information a potential client may need combined with effective and attractive design. Therefore, all the principles of design come into play here: the use of negative or blank space, colour, contrast, typography, arrows, pathways and other symbols, bold and catchy designs and photography etc. can all be used to create a good landing page. It is vital to keep the visitor on the page and not let anything deviate their attention away from the page, especially not to another webpage!

Landing pages should effectively grab the attention of the user and provide a good user experience so the visitors don’t shy away from the click of a button or misleading or incorrect information. Everything has to be beautiful and engaging in order to make the landing page a success. If the product or service is not highlighted or photographed in an attractive way, it may not result in a sale. Similarly, if the design and information presented is not catchy, visitors may be unpleasantly distracted. So to avoid this from happening, look down below for landing page for business website templates, and tell us what you think! Till next time! Design away!

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Premium Landing Page Templates

Following are some outstanding premium landing page templates.

Insure Landing Page

insure landing page

BookPage – Sell your books with Style!

books with style

Landisimo – Landing Page with Facebook Template

landisimo landing page

Chibi – a small blue landing page

small blue landing page

Lift Off – Lead Capture Page

lead capture page

Prolead Landing Page

prolead landing page

Rebirth Landing Page

rebirth landing page

The Johnny Landing Page

Johnny landing page

Duze landing page HTML template

duze landing page



Borneo Landing Page

borneo landing page

Superbia Landing Page

superbia landing page

Quak – Landing page 70 variations

quak landing page

Integro – A Corporate Landing Page

corporate landing page

Qloud Landing Page

qloud landing page

Imaginary Landing Page

imaginary landing page

minimAll Landing Page

minimall landing page

Pro Landing HTML/CSS Template

pro landing html

Airstream Landing Page

airstream landing page

The Hosting – Landing Page

the hosting landing page

Unveiled – Ultimate Product Focused Landing Page

focused landing page

Applander – App Landing Page

app landing page

Lander 5 in 1 Premium Landing Page

premium landing page

Lista Landing Page

lista landing page

Hosting Company Landing Page

company landing page

Spark – The Perfect Landing Page

perfect landing page

Caribean Premium Landing Page

caribean premium landing page



Blaster Landing Page Package

blaster landing page

Golanding – A Creative-Clean Landing Page

creative clean landing page

Promo – Landing Page for Digital Product Sales

promo landing page



Appetizer Landing Page

appetizer landing page

Bizzr Landing Page

bizzr landing page

Interactive – The Landing Page

interactive the landing page

Malum landing page HTML template

malum landing page

Sidekick Landing Page

sidekick landing page

Triple Threat Landing Page

threat landing page

Solea Landing Page

solea landing page

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