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Vintage and Retro Website Design Trend

Vintage and retro trend web design was once nonexistent on the web as a dynamic medium, however times have changed and numerous sites use the retro and vintage designs in a variety of contexts. Firstly and understanding of the difference in time period for the styles is needed – vintage is set between 1950-1980, retro between 1910 and 1930 – not sure what happened to the 20 years in between.

Set the Tone of Your Website Design Project

As a regular office goer, you probably have spent a considerable amount of productive time (no pun intended), in a Starbucks store nearby. But have you given it a second thought why you like to taste a cup of office at an exorbitant rate in Starbucks when the same cup of coffee is available almost half of the price at the nearby food joint. Yes, you must love the comfortable surrounding, the cordial behavior of the attendant and the big smile of the waitress who used serve you, not personally though. So, all these together including the waitress of course create a unique tone that makes you visit it again and again.

Create Code-Free Web Forms

Web forms are one of the most popular ways for online companies to easily aggregate information about topics of their choosing. Since web forms are typically comprised of simple text fields and basic graphic designs, popular web forms are coded in HTML, an accessible and simple web language. Despite its simplicity, several online platforms have come out with code-free web forms in order to streamline how companies develop their web forms.