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What makes HTML5 truly inevitable for Website Designs

HTML5 has once again started a raging debate between the developer community in a way seen never before. The various building blocks of HTML5 under the scanner and being judged for their true delivery, versatility and overall worth. Though, HTML5 is still in its evolving stage it is powerful enough to keep the attention hanging over its latent importance.

PROS and CONS of using Twitter Bootstrap

PROS and CONS of using Twitter Bootstrap

What is Twitter Bootstrap? Simply said, Twitter Bootstrap is an absolutely free, thanks to Twitter’s Mark Otto and Jacob Thornton, “multi-toolkit” for web designers. Twitter Bootstrap offers HTML and CSS-based design templates for typography, forms, buttons, charts, navigation and other web design components.

Web Application Example

20 Beautiful Example of Web Application Designs

Recently there has been explosion of online web applications. Businesses around the world are choosing to have online web applications to run their businesses. As a matter of fact, some new business models depend exclusively on web-based commercial applications. A good web application should be able to attract and engage consumers and induce them to buy products or services online. This is only possible if the web application has a functional and intuitive layout and design. In other words, a web application should be simple, easy-to-navigate with an attractive graphic design.

Mobile Website Development

10 Tools for Mobile Website Development

As the use of Smartphones is ever increasing, most websites build a mobile version. Fitting the desktop version in the smaller screen of phones is cumbersome and requires a lot of scrolling back and forth. So, having a version of your website that will fit snugly in any mobile browser will make it more accessible by Smartphone users. There are several tools that will help you create a mobile version. Of them, the following are most handy and easy to use.

How Does Magento Rank Over Other e-Commerce Content Management Systems?

In today’s technology-driven era, you can find a huge number of e-commerce websites that allow you to choose and buy items such as apparel, electronic equipment, books, appliances and several other things. With the advent of Internet technology, you can get all that you need with just a few clicks. This is, perhaps, the clearest sign of the growing importance of e-commerce industries in our global economy.

It's Time to Start Business with Ecommerce Websites

Have To Tell: It’s Time to Start Business with Ecommerce Websites

It’s no surprise that e-commerce sales are increasing at a rate faster than traditional offline retail sales. People are no more spending time in fixing schedules to reach their nearby shopping stores and purchase household items each month. They just open their lap or mobile, access their favorite shopping sites, make their purchase and reach their house’s door entrance to collect the purchased commodities. Simple right! These activities have become quite traditional these days and if I am speaking about it for too long, sure you might think me an outdated person.

Html5 Video

How to Create HTML5 Video for Your Website

A very interesting novelty of HTML5 is the ability to view multimedia content, especially video, using only the HTML tags. If we consider that each tag is actually interpreted by the browser, and then rendered, it soon becomes clear that the new specifications concern browsers, and not the page syntax. As of today, if we look at the operation of HTML, videos are usually displayed somewhere with a special plug-in, most notably Adobe’s Flash and Apple’s QuickTime.

Quick Operations

5 Best Mobile Web Development Practices

iPhones and Androids are quickly capturing the market. This is because they have fast internet, well made browsers and fast processors. Mobile sites are being developed which will attract more customers. A robust mobile site is being the top priority for the development team. The best mobile web design practice methods should be given the first priority by the development team to obtain great results.