How Does Magento Rank Over Other e-Commerce Content Management Systems?

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In today’s technology-driven era, you can find a huge number of e-commerce websites that allow you to choose and buy items such as apparel, electronic equipment, books, appliances and several other things. With the advent of Internet technology, you can get all that you need with just a few clicks. This is, perhaps, the clearest sign of the growing importance of e-commerce industries in our global economy.

A lot of business people opt for e-commerce website development, not only to increase the number of visitors to their website, but to generate more ROI as well. When it comes to the development of an e-commerce store, no solution can be compared to Magento as this user-affable e-commerce content management system offers a completely flexible platform with cutting-edge solutions, while granting you the ease of customizing your e-commerce store as per your requirements. The ever-increasing demand for Magento is mainly because of the unique e-commerce services that it proffers and this is a clear sign of its growing importance in the business world.

How Does Magento Rank Over Other e-commerce Content Management Systems

Magento for your e-commerce store:

Magento is an open source content management system that utilizes MySQL and Zend PHP databases. This e-commerce platform is claimed to be the world’s fastest booming shopping cart stand. Whether you are a small business entity or a massive multinational company, Magento can perfectly support your business operations and ensure maximum growth benefits. But, how is Magento far better than the other e-commerce content management systems? Read on to know more.

Open Source Technology:

Magento is an open source platform embedded with unique inbuilt features such as search engine optimization, live currency update, wishlist, online marketing tools, a facility to invite user reviews and much more. Since its operations are transparent, anyone can easily understand Magento’s functionality without having any prior knowledge about its technology.

Flexibility and Scalability:

Magento offers a highly flexible shopping cart that enables you to add or eliminate features, as per your requirements. It allows you to enjoy complete control over the project presentation, content and functionality of your online store. This e-commerce solution is completely scalable and is backed by a robust support network.

Professional Catalog Management:

Magento comes with an intuitive administration interface with which you can manage your dynamic catalog with ease. This flexible catalog management system delivers professionally optimized product pages that are user-friendly and search engine friendly. With this incredible feature, you can easily manage your products, their categories and sub-categories, their attributes and attribute sets, the products’ SEO tags and images proficiently and effectively.

Affordable Pricing:

Magento being an open source platform is available for free on the Internet. Thus, this CMS platform proffers an affordable solution for all your e-commerce needs.

Multiple Marketing Options:

Attracting customers is no more a difficult task with Magento. Its multiple marketing options have simplified the process of marketing. This user-friendly CMS platform comes with powerful marketing tools such as Up-Sells and Cross-Sells, which stimulate users to order for more products. You can also enjoy complete freedom by creating as many options as you like or link multiple products to create groups and bundles.

The points mentioned above clearly illustrate how Magento has gained an edge over other e-commerce content management systems. Magento is powered with all the necessary features to sustain in this highly competitive world. Unquestionably, you will now agree to the fact that Magento is indeed the ultimate e-commerce solution for your incredulous growth.

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