Three Tips for Creating a Successful Blog

There are many things that go into creating a blog that is truly successful on the internet. With thousands and thousands of weblogs entering the blogosphere each day it can be particularly difficult to gain any sort of momentum with your own blog. To the surprise of many, blogging is a particularly challenging enterprise to make moves in without the right approach. Blogging is so much more than simply coming up with one great idea or one beautifully written post. Sadly, it’s just not that simple. There are plenty of well written and interesting posts out there that will never be read because they are featured on blogs that just aren’t done well. Quality blogging requires several different things. Follow these three tips to develop a blog that is successful and profitable.

Clear Site Design

Three Tips For Creating Successful Blog

Website design is an essential aspect of quality blogging. We’ve all done it. If a website is ugly or difficult to navigate, it is very unlikely that you are going to stick around and you almost certainly won’t come back. The internet is very much about the visual experience the user has. A blog must appeal to a visitor in both an intellectual way and a visual way. Thankfully, there are several blogging platforms available that make clear site design simpler for the less design inclined. The key to quality site design is clarity. You want to make sure that your visitors can easily find what they are looking for and easily find the name of the page they are visiting. You want to keep things simple and clear, but you also need to find something that adds a little interest or creativity to the page. Whether it is in the logo, the font, or the color scheme of your page, find something that sets you apart from the masses.

Diverse Content

Three Tips For Creating Successful Blog

All too often, bloggers create post after post that looks exactly the same. Yes, you may be creating new content about different things, but it is almost always a text post. Diversity within a blog is key. Every now and then throw in a different kind of post so as to keep your readers’ interest. Try creating a video blog entry or a podcast every now and then. Some days do a post that is just links or YouTube videos. Obviously, quality content posts that tackle difficult or hot topics are essential to bringing serious readers to your blog. However, not every post has to be a pillar article. Try featuring new and interesting voices on your blog. A blog can quickly become repetitive and dull, if it is only done from one perspective and with one voice. Invite guest bloggers to write for your blog. This can bring a little something new to a tired blog. Variety is good.

Post Formatting

Three Tips For Creating Successful Blog

While website design as a whole is extremely important, so too is the design of your individuals posts. Because blogging is such a visual thing, it is essential that you design blog posts that are visually appealing. Readers want to read posts that are easy to navigate. As many of us know, writing a blog post is not like writing an essay or an entry in a novel. You need to create a piece that is easy to read and is easily skimmed. Break up your posts into smaller sections. A reader is much less likely to actually read a piece if it is just a big chunk of text. Use headers, bullets, and numbering to help break things up and keep things clear. Internet readers like to skim through posts before they determine whether to read it or not. Try to create posts that are already somewhat outlined. Write strong headers and titles to peak your readers’ interest. Internet readers are a difficult audience. With short attention spans, speedy clicking fingers, and an endless amount of options, it’s easy to lose readers even with quality material. Pay attention to the way you are structuring your posts.

Lauren Bailey

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