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25 Awesome and Amazing Disney Wallpaper

Having a look on Disney wallpaper always takes us back to some old sweet memories of our childhood or we may say that Disney wallpapers just brings a flashback of our favorite cartoon series and movies that we enjoyed in the past.

Digital Illustration of Mortal Kombat Characters

Drawing sketches of living characters is nothing new. Man has long used different techniques to express himself in the form of human and animal drawings. These illustration, no matter whether they were carved in some far-off caves or drawn in the form of cartoon characters in the more recent history, tell a story. Today’s man is still holding on to this fascinating expression, continuing to tell his story with the help of human and animal drawings.

39 Best Apple iPad Wallpapers

Apple has dramatically increased its market share and its image in customers’ mind. No wonder the apps and other the GUI elements developed for Apple platforms are also growing fast. iPad wallpapers that we are going to share with you today, however, fall in a different category. These iPad wallpapers were developed specifically with iPad users in mind.

Robert Pattinson

Best Examples of Digital Painting

The world had a new mode of operation – digital. Everything that we did manually seems to have been transformed into a computer program. From gathering information to manipulating this information in ways that help us make sense of things, formulate new ideas, and develop innovative applications of these ideas.

Make Your Own Superhero

Make Your Own Superhero

Who doesn’t have a favourite superhero? Hardly anyone. I’m sure when you were all younger, you had a favourite superhero character out of all the cartoons you watched. For some of you, you might still idolize or revere your favourites. So whether you want to make a superhero of your own for a comic you’re designing or just as a hobby, creating your own character can be lots of fun!