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Top Ten Email Signatures

An internet signature should do a few standard things: provide your name, position (if this is business related) and provide a few selected methods of contact. Anyone from senior business executives to internet personalities can have their own signature to reflect individual interests and areas of expertise. Just like anything on the internet, though, there are some right and wrong styles of email signatures.

HTML and CSS Custom Buttons Generator

Gone are the days when coders had to sit for hours in front of their development editors, typing countless lines of code to create custom buttons for their websites. These button generator we are going to share with you today have dramatically simplified this button making process, considerably reducing the time and effort web designers spent on such tasks. These HTML buttons generators provide a very powerful features, such as gradients, shadows, and button roundness, that a designer can use to produce quick results, which are just as good as anything we get from powerful graphics software like Photoshop.

Website Builder

How To Use Website Builders To Create Free Websites

Website building is a very convoluted, time consuming and cumbrous process. It demands a lot of efforts, right skills, expertise and good technical knowledge to develop an effective and user friendly website. However, website development has become easier, all thanks to some amazing website builders. Most of times, people give up website building as it is quite intimidating and certain programming and technical aspects pose a big challenge.

An Ultimate CSS3 Generator List

We all know that CSS3 is changing the Web with its useful and attractive features. As you may know that CSS3 is not compatible with all the Web browsers yet but we can expect to see this compatibility issue resolved in the near future. Web designers are already following CSS3 standards and they have also started implementing them in their Websites. To make their life easier we have compiled a list of CSS3 Generators that will help them to get desired results within a few clicks.

Responsive Web Design Tools, Techniques, Templates and Frameworks

The need for excessive on the go mobile browsing, and an excessive amount of devices now allow for a responsive web design corresponding with the website. Web designers and web developers today have to design websites that are functional across multiple screen resolutions. That means websites should be available for browsing on smartphones, tablets, netbooks, or standard monitors, without losing their screen resolution, according to the user’s screen size. Multiple viewing mediums have certainly made the job a tad more difficult for the modern web designer.

11 Free Cartoonize Yourself Photo Editing Websites

No wonder cartoons have retained their appeal for many of us to this day. They are very much a part of our digital world. What is now different, however, is the possibility of us becoming one of these cartoon characters. With the increasingly popular free online image editing softwares, you can now cartoonize yourself and turn back your reality into fancy.

Free Online Photo Editing Softwares 10

10 Online Free Photo Editing Websites

For anyone interested in playing with photos and images, online free photo editing websites and tools can be very useful. Keeping that in mind and to show our support for the growing free software development community, today we bring you 10 online free photo editing websites.