Making Money from Mobile Phone Photos with Clashot

Now, almost all mobile phone in the world, from the most famous until the infamous local brands, are equipped with camera technology. The quality of the camera inside the phone is also enough for taking good photograph. This trend has made people all around the world familiar with photographs and photography. With mobile phone equipped with camera inside their pocket, people start to take photos of any objects, scenery, events, or even random activities as long as it is interesting for them.

Making Money from Mobile Phone Photos with Clashot

Ever wondering that those interesting photos that you keep in your mobile phone gallery can give you extra income? Is it possible? Now, with an application called clashot, this thing is possible. Clashot is a mobile phone application that allows you to turn your interesting and of course well taken photographs into money. All you need to do is find interesting scenery or get involved in an exciting event and take some photos of it. You can combine some of these photos into the so called “photo report” and upload them using clashot. Moreover, with so many mobile phone photo editor applications available, the captured photos can be retouched to make it even more beautiful. For now this application is only available for apple products (iOS based), such as iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. For android users, don’t be worried, because it will also be released for you in this near time.

Making Money from Mobile Phone Photos with Clashot

Clashot is a money machine and at the same time a great community for the mobile phone photographers. For getting money, this application works similar like microstock business which now is trending everywhere. No wonder, because this application is a product of the well-known Depositphotos. So, some of the best photographs uploaded into clashot, will be chosen by their team and then displayed and sold on Depositphotos website. For every image purchased, you will get royalty. You can easily track your “business” using clashot application as it will give you information about everything related to your photos. Depositphotos has millions of customers and amongst them are some leading companies and mass media. So, who knows some of your leisure photography activity can turn into something. Besides that, the photos that you have uploaded are visible to the other clashot users. They can comment, like, or pick your photo as one of their favorites. On the other hand, you can also do the same. It means that you can step into a community for mobile photographs lovers who share, support, and inspire each other in a mutualism relationship. Think Instagram, but the difference is clashot not only give you a social interaction, but also money.

Each photo picked and sold on Depositphotos website can be purchased under one of the two types of licenses: the Commercial license or the license for Editorial use. Photos with “For commercial use” mark can be used for commercial purposes, advertising, marketing, promotion, etc. However, photos marked with “Editorial Use Only” can only be used for limited needs because they are sold under a limited license. This type of image are prohibited to be used for commercial use and advertising because they may contain images of people without Model Releases, private property, famous trademarks and other protected elements for commercial use which need special usage permission. You can also look into Standard and Extended License Agreement Depositphotos provided to know how the license works for the images.

Interested? Download it directly from the AppStore or if you need more information, you can visit Depositphotos or their official website.

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