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App Design Inspiration

35 Mobile and UI App Design Inspiration

The future belongs to mobile applications. And this is no exaggeration. We’re going to see a large and increasing number of web-based applications being converted to mobile applications. Design and development of mobile applications have their own unique challenges. You have to transform all the web interface and functionality in a way that its usability is not compromised in the smaller-size device. The following are 50 mobile and UI app design that you may find interesting and inspiring.

A Complete Guide To Cross Platform Mobile Development

Quite a number of businesses, organizations and individuals have found mobile applications very instrumental in the day to day activities. Due to the development in technology, many companies have come up with several mobile platforms. This has facilitated the activities of the various users due to a wide range of mobile apps development platforms. However, it should be noted that developing such platforms requires dedication since it is not something that can be done over night.


16 Latest Super Cool Mobile Apps for 2012

The mobile industry has made remarkable advancements and progress over the past few years. The concept of mobile phones have changed, they are now no more a regular and ordinary cellular device for making calls and sending online sms, rather they have become a mini computer capable of doing almost everything. No wonder cell phones have become an integral part of our lives. Whether its concerning business, education, media, entertainment, etc., cell phones play a vital role in our lives in almost every aspect.

15 iOS App Icon Templates

In an earlier post we have shared with you iOS icon design. Today we bring you a collection of iOS app icon templates. These are free psd files that designers can customize to suit their design requirements and style. We hope that this collection will inspire and help you to create your own iOS app icon. Take a look and let us know what you think of this iOS icon collection.

45 Best iOS Icons Design Work

All of a sudden the entire attention of the youth and the designer’s community has diverted towards the ios icon design. iOS icons are the main focus of all and some times considered to be the standard of comparison between different gadgets.

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Freebies of the Month (March 2012)

Looking for high-quality free psd graphics? Then cheer up, we have got them in plenty! And we will keep sharing these free psd files, as we did in January Freebies and February Freebies packs. Like every month, this month again we have come up with a freebies pack. This freebies bundle contains different free psds and free vector templates such as notification bar, mobile app icon, web buttons, UI elements, website background patterns and many more.

Cool iPhone Wallpapers

27 Beautiful and Cool iPhone Wallpapers

iPhone is considered to be the synonym of our new generations’ phone and that is why is nowadays the most popular device among the young generation. The professionals are also very much using it to full fill their needs and to meet their status obligations as well. It is no doubts a very lucratively designed device however to further enhance its beauty most of us always are in search of cool iPhone wallpapers.

25 Interesting Responsive Web Design Examples

A few days back we have shared with you two posts, Responsive Web Design Tools, Techniques, Templates and Frameworks and 32 Responsive WordPress Portfolio Themes, on responsive web design. Today we have come up with another round up of responsive web design examples. We have selected a collection of beautiful and interesting website designs that showcase modern responsive web trends.