Future Changes of Mobile eCommerce in Retail

ECommerce nowadays is on its full force and a number of online companies have taken advantage of that and sold products all around the world. More and more people are opting to buy stuff online and save time and money rather than going to the actual physical store and this has also helped in the rise of number of eCommerce websites all over the world. However, one new and fairly unpredictable change which has come over is the fact that there has been a steep rise in the graph of people using their phones for researching as well making purchases online.

To many eCommerce site owners this didn’t seem to bother, however, according to the experts, the mobile eCommerce holds in store a huge change for everybody. With more people shifting to mobiles and tablets for their online shopping, retail will see a few changes which will effect how these eCommerce sites perform. This is way it is better to be ready for the required measures for this new scenario and mentioned below are few of the main changes that are ought to occur, in case of the growth of mobile eCommerce users.

1. Rule of Responsive Web Design

Rule of Responsive Web Design

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Responsive web design has more or less been adopted by quite a number of sites and many of them have accepted its importance. However, eCommerce is one sector where its effects haven’t been seen much and these sites still lag behind when it comes to this technology. With the advent of mobile eCommerce, this is set to change and Responsive web design will have to be adopted by various eCommerce sites if they want their online shopping experience to be worthwhile. Development costs are set to increase and each of the sites will have to sooner or later adopt this technology.

2. All in One Stores

All in One Stores

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While sitting on our laptops, we can open 10 tabs side by side and look at different sites for different products, and nothing goes wrong with the internet speed in doing that and our job is also done without facing any trouble. If the same action is carried out on your mobile phone, the result will be different as you cannot open so many tabs at once and your internet speed will kill you. This is the reason why stores which sell a number of products under one roof are going to take the lead as users can browse through everything without the need to shift from one tab to another. Amazon is a good example of such all-in-one stores.

3. Importance of 24/7 Customer Service Set to Grow

Importance of 24/7 Customer Service Set to Grow

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With mobile phones being used for shopping, the eCommerce sites are opening a new window for users as now they can shop anytime regardless of time or place as they are not limited to a chord or physical connection now. This means anybody can need help anytime during the day and shopping will be free from boundaries of home or office. A person might want customer service while going to the office or sitting on the beach.

4. Ecommerce Websites to Be More Sophisticated

Regardless of the fact if the shopping platform is laptop or mobile, the competition doesn’t reduce and you cannot let your customer go. This means, that now you need to make their mobile eCommerce experience equally good as it was on the desktop and for this, a few things need to be tweaked. The site has to be responsive, easily navigable, equipped with a high speed transaction process and a light system so that your images load quickly. These few changes will definitely take place as the mobile eCommerce takes over retail.

5. Better Payment Options to Come Up

Better Payment Options to Come Up

We do not even realize how easy our lives are on the desktop where it is so easy to type and view things, without needing to wait. Sometimes, even with such speed we face problems in payment options and this is a great cause of worry for mobile eCommerce. Mobile eCommerce will definitely be more difficult slower than desktop, as you cannot keep on typing your card delivery details every time you buy something. Not just tiring, it is also susceptible to security breach and this why, this new setting would require better payment options where the payment is fast, reliable and hassle free. As of older options like PayPal and Google Wallet, their value as online wallets is set to increase with the increase in mobile eCommerce.

6. More Transparency in Pricing

This aspect has a number of branches to it which means this will be a huge change in the sector. With mobile phones being used for shopping anybody can check, compare and review prices and products which means competition is set to increase and the benefit of being able to sell your product at a higher price is going to reduce. Because of this, manufacturers will make sure that the system of manufacturer-approved prices is followed. People can look for the best price on their phones, buy products as well as take their phones to physical stores and understand what is good for them and which product will cost them less. This will reduce the price difference in similar products and increase transparency.

These are a few changes which are most likely to occur as mobile eCommerce takes over the conventional desktop eCommerce and more and more people resort to their tablets and mobiles to search about and buy stuff. It also a fact that more changes are to come as technology increases and new players come in.

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