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Free Font Icons

Free Icon Fonts For Your Designs

We hope that all your design ventures are going great and that you’re learning something new every day. In today’s post, we’ll be talking all about free icon fonts for your designs and bringing you awesome font icons for your design bucket. We’ve gathered this awesome collection of free icons fonts for you to use as you like. But before we begin, let’s talk about what exactly are icon fonts.

Flat Icon Design

35+ Examples of Modern Flat Icon Design

The latest icon design trend is flat icon design. Flat icon designs tend to be minimalistic, don’t have flashy animations, and feature crisp edges with a simplified look. These icon designs are two-dimensional with flat illustrations. The underlying idea in flat icon design is an emphasis on simplicity and usability. This post contains 35+ examples of modern flat icon designs. Hope you’d find them attractive and inspiring.

A Showcase of Beautiful Mobile App Icons

Before Apple released the iPhone, well-designed mobile software was a rarity. User interfaces were awkward and clumsy, and web and desktop software design was light years ahead. The iPhone changed all of this – with Apple’s obsessive focus on gorgeous design, people’s standards for what they expected out of their mobile device were raised.

Free Icon Sets

25+ Free Icon Sets You Must Have

If you want your design to be an attractive one by having eye catching icon sets placed on it? Than you should look for some free icon sets available on internet. The designers out there keep on sharing their work within the community and hence a good deal of time is saved by not reinventing the wheel. It is after all a win-win situation where the designers share their creative work and in return they often find some interesting designs. However, we must appreciate those creative designers who voluntarily keep on sharing free icon sets on regular basis.

10 Mini Glyphs and Symbols Icon Sets

We are very much excited to share some wonderful inspiring designs of mini glyphs and symbols icon sets as the response which we received against two of our posts published earlier was very amazing and encouraging. Almost all of our viewers very much appreciated 45 Free Small Symbols Vector Icon Sets and the Free Symbols and Mini Web Icons.

45 Best iOS Icons Design Work

All of a sudden the entire attention of the youth and the designer’s community has diverted towards the ios icon design. iOS icons are the main focus of all and some times considered to be the standard of comparison between different gadgets.

Free Symbols and Mini Web Icons

In an earlier post we have shared with you 45 Free Small Symbols Vector Icon Sets. We’re encouraged by the response we got from you and have decided to share a fresh collection of free symbols and mini web icons. These small icons can be used in mobile apps, websites or other web applications. The featured icons also have a number of vector icons that can be used in print media campaigns.

28 Free Twitter Bird Icon Sets

You thought twittering was limited to only birds? You must be new to the Internet. Today any active Web user is well aware of online context of twittering and tweeting. And guess what, the number of twitters and tweets is increasing with every passing day. So yes, times have changed, but many things in life still remain unchanged. People still wake up to twitters in the mornings. The only difference is we normally read twitters and not hear them as it used to be the case in the olden times.