Pinterest – How to Drive Traffic to Your Website

Will there be anything extremely amazing than driving traffic to a website by means of a network that has more than 11 million registered users? Yup, Pinterest with its massive user access is taking social media to a next universe. Every one has their own benefit with Pinterest- for sharing photos with their old friends, to become popular with their self taken photos, sharing images designed by them and so and so. But, in what way does a business or business website get benefited with Pinterest? The current scenario happening around is so many eCommerce stores are making use of Pinterest to drive traffic to their websites. There are a plenty of ways one could add traffic to a website using Pinterest.

Pinterest - How to Drive Traffic to Your Website

Pin things daily

A recent report says that people spend longer times on Pinterest than that on other social media networks like Google places, Facebook and Twitter. This itself implies that anytime anywhere Pinterest users are active and hence by launching daily pins on your pinterest – business profile, will let a lot of users to view your pins. Daily pins are valued more on Pinterest and it is sure that these pins will be certainly pinned and repinned among the large circled network.

Pinterest - How to Drive Traffic to Your Website

Simple profiles do well

With Pinterest, simple and elegant layout is what that is most admired. Design your business profile on Pinterest in a much simpler way that enfolds clean and clear content. You can make your business profile more pleasing with appropriate images added to it.

Pinterest - How to Drive Traffic to Your Website

‘Pin it’ button

Pinterest features a ‘pin it’ button option, which can be integrated to any website. Businesses can make use of this button to spread their online visibility. You can add this button on your business website, which when clicked by a site visitor will enable him/her to pin your site content on his Pinterest profile.

Focus on the exact audience

While it is Pinterest, there are a plenty of users who are related upon various fields. Hence, while promoting a business with Pinterest, you need to be careful about covering up your exact audience. First of all, you need to know, who your actual audience are. Once you are clear with your targeted group, prepare your profile ingredients in a clear and much focused way that would impress that group in every way possible.

Pinterest - How to Drive Traffic to Your Website

Make it woman-friendly

It had been reported that more than 70% of Pinterest users are females. Hence it is quite significant to make your profile in a way that covers ladies. Show up your business in a girl’s angle, even if it is upto a men oriented stuff. As far as Pinterest is concerned, it is the girls who needs to be covered up more.

Use Pinterest very often

Consistent usage of Pinterest helps in adding traffic to your site. Keep your profiles updated with images and pins, so that the users will let to know you are active and henceforth they will be judge your business also to be active. You can also connect Pinterest with your Facebook and Twitter accounts, so that you could become popular among those networks also.

Pinterest - How to Drive Traffic to Your Website

Follow the familiar ones

Rather you follow unknown figures, it is better to follow some familiar figures on Pinterest. Familiar figures will have a lot of followers and hence there are chances those followers would also follow your profile.

So, these are few things which you can consider in order to drive traffic to your business using Pinterest.

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