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Top 10 Social Media Mistakes Made By Beginner Bloggers

Anytime we learn something new, there’s a learning curve involved. When it comes to blogging, beginners tend to experience a pretty big learning curve. Not knowing effective blogging techniques won’t help you create a successful blog. Not having the right tools to drive traffic to your blog, such as social media, won’t suffice either.

Pinterest - How to Drive Traffic to Your Website

Pinterest – How to Drive Traffic to Your Website

Will there be anything extremely amazing than driving traffic to a website by means of a network that has more than 11 million registered users? Yup, Pinterest with its massive user access is taking social media to a next universe. Every one has their own benefit with Pinterest- for sharing photos with their old friends, to become popular with their self taken photos, sharing images designed by them and so and so.

Tips to Optimize Your Website With Pinterest

Tips To Optimize Your Website With Pinterest

Prior to start writing for this title, I actually decided to write on ‘Tips to optimize your website using Social Bookmarking sites’. But, it didn’t take me too long to fix to the Pinterest thing, since both these titles would more or less have the same content. Yup! Pinterest is what that strikes our minds in recent days, when it comes to social bookmarking sites. Hence, writing on either topics wouldn’t differ much. So, Pinterest! This social media site is the perfect for anything that is social bookmarking. While on its birth year, it was all ladies and youngsters using Pinterest in common.

20 Breathtaking Facebook Timeline Covers For You

The most modern and recent feature of Facebook timeline covers has made every Facebook user very conscious to select the best designed covers for their timeline. So here we thought to share some very creative collection of Facebook timeline covers. We are very much sure that this would definitely inspire you to select one of these breathtaking collections and place it as your cover photo.

27 Cool Youtube Backgrounds and Layouts

With YouTube backgrounds or YouTube layouts, now every channel can have its own unique look! From cool backgrounds, photos and images, to striking designs and layout, the possibilities are endless! You name it, and it’s there! So if you have a channel of your own, or if you don’t and just want to personalize your homepage on YouTube, these YouTube backgrounds or YouTube layouts will certainly help you jog your brain and give you lots of ideas on how to create your own.

Giveaway: Set up a Professional Facebook Store

Facebook makes it really easy to get personal with your clients. Think about how easy it is to communicate about new products or promotions that are coming to your store. As a freelance web designer, I often run into clients that don’t really know much about ecommerce, but more often then not, they do have a lot of fans on their Facebook business or product page. Having that kind of following is the perfect way to boost sales for an online store.

28 Free Twitter Bird Icon Sets

You thought twittering was limited to only birds? You must be new to the Internet. Today any active Web user is well aware of online context of twittering and tweeting. And guess what, the number of twitters and tweets is increasing with every passing day. So yes, times have changed, but many things in life still remain unchanged. People still wake up to twitters in the mornings. The only difference is we normally read twitters and not hear them as it used to be the case in the olden times.

Social Media Icons in Vector Format

Designers have to use social media icons in their designs. So, are you looking for social media icons or social networking icons for your website or blog? Here we have compiled a list of social media icons for you. These are different sets of social media icons in vector format which will definitely allow you to play with them as you want.