5 Reasons Wall Calendars Are Perfect Marketing Tools

If you want to get a leg up on your competitors this year, it’s time to try wall calendar marketing. If you’ve never taken advantage of wall calendar printing, you’re missing out on a powerful and economical way to market your business. The following details five reasons why wall calendars are perfect marketing tools.

Wall Calendars

1. Wall calendars have value

Wall calendars are useful. Your customers use them every single day, so they have value. When you print wall calendars that features designs that are relevant to your customers and your business (think a dog calendar for a dog groomer’s dog-loving customers), then you have a marketing tool that your customers will actually hang on their walls.

2. Wall calendars put your brand in front of customers daily

Wall calendars are used as date references and scheduling tools 365 days per year, which means they have the potential to get your brand that much exposure, per person, per day.

3. Wall calendars build loyalty

As mentioned, printing wall calendars that resonate with your target customer base is critical for achieving wall-hanging status, but it’s also a great way to establish common ground with your customers and build loyalty.

4. Wall calendars allow you to promote specials

Wall calendars aren’t just great branding tools, they also allow you to market your products and services directly to customers. You can print sales promotions, coupons, and coupon codes for every day, week, and month of the year with wall calendars. Doing so will also increase the chances your calendars will be used, since it adds even more value for a well-targeted customer base.

5. Wall calendars are cheap marketing tools

The initial investment to print wall calendars might seem hefty, but consider this: if you can print 1,000 wall calendars for $2,500, each calendar costs $2.50 per customer. Since wall calendars are used 365 days per year, that means your cost to market, per person, per day, is less than a single penny. Now, I realize not all of your customers will use the calendars, and not all of the ones who do will look at them every day; however, that potential highlights the fact that wall calendar marketing costs just pennies per day per person, which makes it one of the cheapest possible forms of marketing.

Brian Morris

Brian Morris writes for the PsPrint Design & Printing Blog. PsPrint is an online commercial printing company. Follow PsPrint on Twitter @PsPrint and Facebook.

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  1. Zulh says:

    Totally agreed with this. Easy and cheap marketing tools.