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designers toolbox

15+ Free UI Kits For Your Design Bucket

Today we’ll be sharing some awesome free UI kits for your design bucket that every designer would just love to have in their designer’s toolbox and is an absolute essential for you if you want a quick and easy solution to your design projects.

best powerpoint presentation

25 Best Powerpoint Presentation Ideas

Hello there designers! We hope all your design projects are going great and that you’re learning something new every day. Today we’ll be talking about how to create some awesome looking presentations and sharing some great powerpoint presentation ideas. Now, if you’re a student, an office worker or a freelance designer working hard to make your niche in the growing market and have a big presentation coming up and are drawing at blanks on how to create one, then today’s post is a must read and you should definitely give it a thorough read before you start on your powerpoint presentation.

Vector Artwork Graphics For Your Design Bucket

30+ Vector Artwork Graphics For Your Design Bucket

Being a designer means you are constantly on the lookout for high quality graphics and images. Any experienced designer will bear testimony to the importance of a well organized and sizeable library of useful resources. Today’s collection consists of over 30 vector artwork graphics. You may already be familiar with the usefulness and the design value of vector graphics – you can resize a vector graphic based on your design requirements. What sets a vector graphic apart from other graphics is that a vector does not lose its quality if it is resized.

Cool Vector Backgrounds

60+ Useful and Cool Vector Backgrounds

Hey folks! Hope you’re designing ventures are going great. We feel confident that our design inspiration and resources are proving to be a fruitful asset for you all. When you are designing, you can never have enough resources in your design library. That is why we feel happy to be giving designers everywhere a helping hand in building their own design library.

Pinterest - How to Drive Traffic to Your Website

Pinterest – How to Drive Traffic to Your Website

Will there be anything extremely amazing than driving traffic to a website by means of a network that has more than 11 million registered users? Yup, Pinterest with its massive user access is taking social media to a next universe. Every one has their own benefit with Pinterest- for sharing photos with their old friends, to become popular with their self taken photos, sharing images designed by them and so and so.

200+ Background Textures For Your Design Library

Observing the upcoming trend of using texture designs by designers, we have published many posts where we shared a number of breathtaking background textures with you. Today we are here with another amazing texture collection. We hope this will be a addition to your background textures collection.

Bokeh Background

25+ Beautiful and Cool Bokeh Background

Are you out of beautiful backgrounds? Today’s post is a beautiful and interesting collection of bokeh background that will surely lighten up and put some interesting twist into your designs. Checkout these bokeh background and add some spice to your design.