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What is the first task you complete when applying for a job? You send them a resume, right? In a tight job market it is harder to make a lasting impression, so many job seekers are using creative resume templates to set them apart from the competition. Ideas change, people change and social norms like resumes that look a certain way can change as well. Business Insider published several creative resumes in an online article- 13 Insanely Cool Resumes That Landed Interviews At Google and Other Top Jobs. Companies are encouraging creativity as well; Zappos asks potential employees to get creative and make a video instead of a cover letter on their jobs web page.

Here are some examples and resources so you can get creative with your resume:


This site has all kinds of templates designed by graphic designers and they have some very creative resume templates as well. Resumes can be found by clicking on print templates and then the stationery category. The use of infographics in the resume below is great for almost any job. You can display your skills in a way that is different from any other job candidate. The graphics also help the reader to remain interested because they are not simply scrolling through your resume for keywords, but stopping to read eye-catching and colorful graphs.

Creative Resume Template


This site has many resume templates by various graphic designers as well. This particular design is creative, but easy to digest because the print is simple and it is linear. Its newsprint writing might be a good option for writers, journalists or media communication jobs.

Resume Template


Although this example from GraphicsFuel has quite a few design elements, it is formatted well and fun, but not too distracting. The circle in the middle is a focal point and the eye naturally moves around it to read all the other sections. It is important you do not sacrifice readability for the sake of creativity. A distracting design will frustrate the reader causing them to cast your resume aside and this is the exact opposite of what you are trying to achieve with a creative resume.

Free Resume Template


There are other resumes on this website if you go to their print section and click on resumes. This design is clean, the information is divided well, it is easy to read and the colors are soft on the eyes. Again, creativity and readability need to go hand and hand and this template maintains this standard.

Creative Resume Template

5.  Primer Magazine: 7 Free Resume Templates

We will end with some creative yet simple resume designs for those of you who wish to stand out a little, but do not want a complicated template. This article also has some valuable resume writing tips in addition to free resume templates. Here is a sample of one to give an idea of the designs you will find in this articles:

Resume Templates

Standing out can be a little scary, but it may give you just the edge you need to get the job you want. Besides, if start your application with a bold resume, you set a precedent for being a bold candidate. You show your potential employer you are ready to solve problems and tackle your work in a creative and efficient manner.

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