Latest Web Design Trends in WordPress

WordPress is the remarkable web software for crafting a tremendous blog or a website. Its simplicity, user-friendly features, flexibility, customizable themes and free service makes it the master of the web publishing platform with pioneering web design trends and practices. This greater medium strictly adheres to the web standards and ensures that your website is always left with a beautiful thought of artistic sense for the visitors to enjoy and your customers to cherish.

Latest Web Design Trends in WordPress

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Trends always fluctuate and every new trend in web designing receives a warm welcome and is prized by the developers as well as the ultimate users. We can claim the increase in the number of portable devices as the major trend setter for web designs in WordPress. The latest web design trends in WordPress leave us speechless and few among these might sound familiar to us.

1. JavaScript

With its first-class functions and dynamism, JavaScript is a scripting language based on prototype. Imposing widgets and extraordinary effects makes JS an amazing platform to work with. You cannot deny the fact that you enjoyed your time using JavaScript, which is extremely easy to use and simple to learn. It is used in innumerable websites to validate forms, augment the functionality, to be in touch with the server and much more.

Certain rich functionalities and effects of JS have influenced it to be a part of the jQuery, which is a brand new type of JavaScript library. The web design themes with JS in WordPress have much to convey and are extremely impressive.

2. HTML5

Hyper Text Markup Language 5 has dramatically brought down the need of profound Flash plugins as it has everything to efficiently convert graphics and text into a different facet without the use of any kind of plug-ins. This updated version of the code supports in building outstanding websites that permits integration of all types of multimedia files unswervingly with mainframe. WordPress web design themes with HTML5 are extremely engaging.

Latest Web Design Trends in WordPress

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3. Multilingual and reactive themes

The great news is that the WordPress themes are enabled with multilingual support and all you need to do is to pull out the text from the theme and put back it in the language file. WordPress is enriched with responsive design themes to support the extremely growing use of handy and portable gadgets of varied screen sizes.

4. Concept of minimalism

Minimalism takes you to an entirely different world as calm as a serene island in peace. The WordPress themes with minimalist designs often convey the message silently and effectively than the exact words are expected to do. With the touch of simplicity, strong black and white and other mild color preferences communicate robustly with your target audience.

5. Widgets for social media integration

Social media integration is a huge contributor to the real traffic to your website. Your website developed on WordPress has the benefit of enjoying the privilege of the social media widgets that are integrated in the design templates. Few of the significant social media icons on WordPress are Google+, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, Digg, MySpace and numerous other channels that help your website go viral in a matter of minutes.

WordPress is also powered with few other web design trends like typography blast, WordPress Grids, infographics, hefty backdrop photos, slideshows of image gallery, circles, multiple columns menu, banner graphics, 3D effects, custom font faces and much more.

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