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Web Design with Dreamweaver

The first step in good Web design is planning. You need to consider who your audience is, what your goals for the site are, and how you’ll create an effective layout and linking structure for your pages. The best way to visualize how your site will be organized is to create a site map and storyboard. The site map will be your guide to how the user will navigate between the pages. Do you want to buy books of web design?

Top Tips for Avoiding Copyright Issues When Designing Websites

Top Tips for Avoiding Copyright Issues When Designing Websites

For many people needing to give their business a competitive edge, setting up a visually appealing website to showcase the best of your skills and services is a must. But people who think about any potential copyright issues as a comparison to this is minimal. There’s no denying that copyrighting in general is a bit of a grey area; the line between what is acceptable and what isn’t is often confusing.

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25 Popular Websites Redesign

Hello people! Today we’re bringing you a great design resource for designing websites. How often do you find yourself itching to redesign a website you’ve come across and feel that you would have done the job differently? But of course, you can’t help it! It’s in your design genes, and your creative designer’s mind that will just not stop! So today, we thought why not bring together some awesome redesigns of some of the most popular websites around the web, so that you can see how your best websites can look after a makeover!

Flat Web Design

Flat Design: 15 Best Designed Websites

Today we’ll be talking about some really cool flat web designs with you for your design inspiration. In our previous posts we have shared and talked at length about some really great web designs with you, and today we’ll be sharing some of the best designed websites all with a cool, fresh flat look. Now, flat web designs have recently become popular and are an instant hit with people who want to go for a minimalist look.

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25 Colorful Website Color Schemes

Choosing the perfect color scheme for your website? Look no further, we it all covered in today’s post about these colorful website color schemes that will take care of all your color and design worries! We know how important it is to choose just the right color scheme for your website, after all, it is a visual medium, and you are engaging with people, so it has to look fresh and exciting, right? And more could you want, than this wonderful collection of colorful website color schemes.

Single Page Web Design

25 Modern Single Page Web Designs

Today we’ll be sharing a great resource with you all in our collection below of some pretty neat modern single page web designs. When you’re designing websites, you’re constantly in search of something new and fresh and are looking for inspiration everywhere.

Has Flat Web Design Become Dull?

Has Flat Web Design Become Dull?

In a response to the skeuomorphism that dominated web design at the beginning of the millennium, designer turned to flat web design. Skeuomorphism took inspiration from the real world, creating designed that mimicked the natural materials and designs of physical products in computer apps. Skeuomorphism in design meant the calculators and calendars found in PCs and laptops looked and functioned almost exactly the same as their physical counterparts.