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Make Your Own Superhero

Make Your Own Superhero

Who doesn’t have a favourite superhero? Hardly anyone. I’m sure when you were all younger, you had a favourite superhero character out of all the cartoons you watched. For some of you, you might still idolize or revere your favourites. So whether you want to make a superhero of your own for a comic you’re designing or just as a hobby, creating your own character can be lots of fun!

Face Morphing of Celebrities

Celebrity Face Morph Pictures

Life is all about transformation. Times change and with it everything changes. No where is this change more conspicuous than human bodies and faces that bear the scars of a bygone era. If only we could capture all these long years and replay them all over again! Even better would have been a scenario in which we could see how we are going to change into the future. What would we look like?

Best iPad Apps For Filmmakers

Ever since Steve Jobs came up with Apple’s new invention, the iPad, applications for iPad users have been on the rise and are continuing to grow. Not only did the iPhone and iPad revolutionize the user experience with its sleek interface and design, but it allowed users maximum mobility and ease. It is no wonder then, that the iPad is being used by filmmakers in the film industry, quite a lot and very effectively too. Given that people are constantly on the go on film sets, and the constant need for documentation and reading, the iPad apps for filmmakers give them the luxury to do all that.

15 Brilliant Ideas of Rotoscoping Video

Rotoscoping is an animation technique in which animators trace over live-action film movement frame by frame for use in animated films. Previously, frosted glass was used as a projector to redraw the images of a film, now the computers have revolutionized this process by making rotoscoping easier, quicker and more beautiful.

20 Striking Examples of Video Effects

Hey guys! We’re back and today we have something really cool to share with you! That’s right! We’re talking about video effects. Currently, there is SO much being done in the editing process aided as it is by technology, plug-ins, and software, that it is virtually possible to completely change the look and feel of your video, especially more so with video effects.

Script Writing

Things You Should Remember While Script Writing

Do you think you can hold people’s attention with vivid stories and unbeatable tales? Do people hang on to your every word as you recount adventures that would spin their minds? Do people seem to go into a trance as they are transported into your fantasy world? Well then, you can become a good script writer. Script writing is not rocket science. It is an acquired skill that anyone with a little bit of imagination can learn, apply and develop.

Amazing Pictures of 3D Cartoon Characters

65 Amazing Pictures of 3D Cartoon Characters

Remember your old favorite cartoon on TV when you were a kid? There is something about these endearing cartoon characters that instantly transports us back to our childhood. It makes us remember all those happy memories that came with being a kid, imagination wild, absolutely no worries at all, and long afternoons with an endless supply of ice-cream and cartoons!

18 Stop Motion Animation Video Ideas

Animated stop motion videos are the next big thing and especially useful for young budding film-makers. Imagine making your own film with very limited resources and be the designer, artist, director, producer and choreographer all at the same time! Without a doubt, animated stop motion videos are fun to watch, but they can take a lot of time to plan and execute. So here are some fun stop motion animation videos for you to watch and enjoy!