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Romantic Short Love Stories Videos

Who says the art of story telling is dead? It isn’t. It is simply changing form, switching mediums… undergoing a constant transformation to reach an audience that belongs to a new era, an information age. The following are some romantic short love stories videos that treat their subjects in abstract but imaginative ways. Brilliant stuff.

20 Best Animated Music Videos

Music is something that plays with your heart and emotions. We have seen that singers and bands are promoting their music with some cool and crazy animation videos. No doubt, these videos plays a very positive role in their music promotion and engages the audience attention in just a few eye blinks.

Journey to Mecca, Matte Painting

Amazing Use of Matte Painting in Films

Matte paintings have been used in many films such as 300, Lord of the rings, star wars, sin city, avatar and many more. Here we have picked some outstanding matte paintings for you which will help you to understand how these are being used in films.

Storyboard Template PSD Download For Free

Storyboard Template PSD For Your Pre-Production

Story boarding is a major part of the Pre-Production phase in film making. It helps film directors, cinematographers and commercial advertising clients visualize the scenes and find potential problems before they occur. I have designed a storyboard template psd for your pre-production process. I hope you will find this useful for your next project.