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Life is all about transformation. Times change and with it everything changes. No where is this change more conspicuous than human bodies and faces that bear the scars of a bygone era. If only we could capture all these long years and replay them all over again! Even better would have been a scenario in which we could see how we are going to change into the future. What would we look like?

Sounds wonderful, eh? Well, we don’t claim to have a crystal ball we could gaze into to predict the coming days. But we can offer you the next best thing by introducing you to a technology and trend, which, once perfected, can give you a pretty good idea as to what you might look like years from now.

Yes, we are talking about face morph technologies and face morphing software. Good face morph software can have very practical uses. They can be used by law enforcement agencies to identify criminals and control crime. You can also use them to play with your looks and see which ‘you’ looks the best. Face morphing is already a frequently used device in movies and video productions. Pictures, which are supposed to be static, can also be made to morph into multiple pictures and images. In other words, you can bring together two different images in time within one image, or can have multiple unrelated images morph into one another.

Hard to grasp? Not so hard actually. Just take a look at the following photographs and see the transforming images.

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Face Morphing of Celebrities

Image Source via Reddit

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