15 Brilliant Ideas of Rotoscoping Video

Are you interested in animated videos and do you face problems to draw the objects frame by frame animation? It is most likely you are facing such problems, because you don’t know about the amazing art of Rotoscoping and its brilliant techniques

Rotoscoping is an animation technique in which animators trace over live-action film movement frame by frame for use in animated films. Previously, frosted glass was used as a projector to redraw the images of a film, now the computers have revolutionized this process by making rotoscoping easier, quicker and more beautiful.

Though rotoscoping is far easy and quick way to trace things, yet it is hard to extract wonderful ideas from one’s mind to utilize this art on vast grounds. As we have always maintained the quality to fulfill your needs in the right time, so keeping the word “Ideas” in mind, this time, we are providing you with our very selected “Brilliant Ideas of Rotoscoping Videos”, which we strongly hope are going to shake your head with “Yuppee..!!”, just a click and there you go… Enjoy!

Detective Story

Take Me Home – Never Gonna stop

Music video for the band Take Me Home.


Yougotmeup is a rotoscoped animation by Konx-om-Pax. Over a 6 month period all 2770 frames were traced by hand over original footage of Jamie singing.


Aerial performance footage Rotoscoped to a soundtrack by UNKLE.


Moving Image Arts example of rotoscope animation.

Your Name Here


Eminem – Mosh Video

The video got millions of hits in the first few days and stayed on MTV’s top 5 for a week. It won a few awards and was nominated for MTV’s Breakthrough Music Video Of The Year.


Testing with Photoshop frame by frame editing to create rotoscope like animation from camera footage. Changes were made to the first frame manually and then using the batch option applied to all other frames within each shot.

Roto Reel

Making Of 2010 Census “Community”

UKPmusic Video


Rotoscopy videoclip made in chile by digital design student.

Demo ReeL Andres Lozano P.

Griffonnages // Scribbles

Guns in Film Noir

The Design Work

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