20 Striking Examples of Video Effects

Hey guys! We’re back and today we have something really cool to share with you! That’s right! We’re talking about video effects. Currently, there is SO much being done in the editing process aided as it is by technology, plug-ins, and software, that it is virtually possible to completely change the look and feel of your video, especially more so with video effects.

It is no surprise then that film-makers today rely a lot on these video effects, so read on and try and use them in your next project. Any good film-maker knows that a film or a story is made in the editing process. Aside from the usual video effects, such as dissolves, old movie, black and white, split screen, widescreen, fast motion, show motion, fade in and fade out, superimpose iris etc., there are other more complex and technical effects being employed today.

Since video effects are added in the editing process, and the editing process is part of the post-production process in film-making, therefore the director, producer and production designer all may have a say in the kind of video effects that will be used, or how they will be used.

Editing your videos is a craft, and one that is perfected and refined over time and with practice. But with the help of ingenious video effects such as these, even an average video can be made into something spectacular.

With time, you’ll develop an eye to look out for such video effects in Hollywood movies, and even art films or experimental films, observe them more closely and learn to evaluate them with a critical eye. You’d be surprised to find how much video effects are used in major Hollywood productions!

Happy Watching!

A Visual Effects Reel

The Moon


A Visual Effects Demo Reel

A VFX Reel

VFX Reel

The Summoning

A Visual FX Demo Reel

VFX Reel

A Visual Effects Reel

A VFX Piece

For Troy

A Matte Painting & VFX Reel

Demo Reel

A Visual Effects Reel

Visual Effects Reel

VFX Show Reel ’06

The Steam Tank

A Visual Effects Reel

Hanging On A String

Whale City

The Design Work

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