8 Steps of a Creative Logo Design Process

Designing a logo is perhaps the most creative of all graphic designing processes. Other than skills in computer graphics and sense of the subject creative thought process of the logo designer plays crucial role in designing high impact, memorable and eye catching logos. Apparent simplicity of a logo may create an impression that it is easy to design a logo. However, logo design involves a rigorous process that merges intelligence talent and creativity of the designer with the vision of the concerned business or organization.

8 Steps of a Creative Logo Design Process

Professional logo designers usually devise and follow creative logo design process for developing eye catching and memorable logos. Following a process reduces number of problems that are associated designing a logo. Let us have a look at the steps that are followed by professional logo designers for creating creative logos.

Defining the goal

8 Steps of a Creative Logo Design Process

As a professional logo designer you need to understand the client and the business objectives before initiating the logo design process. Start by discussing with the client about the business, mission or vision that is desired to be depicted through logo.

A questionnaire designed to know the objectives may be helpful. After initial discussion you may even prepare a design brief to know about the preferred styles and colors. It is better to meet the client than getting details via mails.

Knowing the business

8 Steps of a Creative Logo Design Process

It is essential to learn about the product, company or organization before designing its logo. Identify the target groups, nature of services and history of the product. If you are in logo repair then identify the reasons of its success or limitations. When you are designing logo for a new company or product then you may have a look at the logo of close competitors or focus on the business goal. It will be childish to use bright colors and childish fonts for designing logo of a financial service company.

Deciding mode of work

8 Steps of a Creative Logo Design Process

You can work like contractors, where custom logo design is developed as per specifications and guidelines of your client. As an experienced logo designer you can offer ideas to clients and help them in creating eye-catching logos. All depends on how you prefer to deal with the client. Some logo designers have a mixed approach. They guide smaller clients and work as contractor with large clients. Whatever is your choice, you should be capable of handling it well.

Exploring possible designs

8 Steps of a Creative Logo Design Process

With the information gathered in earlier steps now you can proceed to the next step of exploring different styles involved in logo design. Explore different images, graphics, shades, lines and fonts. Start by sketching and developing ideas on papers. It allows you to flourish your creativity and pay attention to minor details of designing. Look for inspirations in logos that are well accepted in concerned industry. Sketching allows you to form the base of the desired logo.

Digitizing ideas

8 Steps of a Creative Logo Design Process

Once you have done with your logo design on papers it is time to take it to computers for further development. It is desirable to use any standard graphic designing software like Adobe Illustrator. Start experimenting with different colors, angles, shapes and modifications of the basic idea. You may create multiple variations, keeping the central theme intact. This helps you in finalizing the logo or presenting different choice to client.

Balancing shades

8 Steps of a Creative Logo Design Process

Avoid combining colors that are conflicting in nature and make sure to design with Pantone shades. Select appropriate font for the logo design. Fonts that may be great for designing logo of a fashion jewelry company may not be suitable for designing logo of a bank. Usually there are some specific shades used predominantly by some industries. Official and government sites prefer using shades of blue and healthcare providers prefer shades of green. Ask your client about the preferred shades but feel free to provide your own suggestions.

Refining from feedback

8 Steps of a Creative Logo Design Process

It is desirable to accommodate views of the client during a logo design. Present at least 2-3 variants or samples. This helps in streamlining the process. Work on the points mentioned after receiving the initial feedback from client. If you feel something is going wrong don’t hesitate to express your views and explain the reasons.

Delivering the logo

8 Steps of a Creative Logo Design Process

Finalize logo design and save it in appropriate format (usually jpeg) in a CD or DVD. Make sure that the logo you are delivering has a high resolution and scalable in nature. This is very crucial because logo of a company or organization is used in different forms and sizes. It would be great if you can provide a brief write-up about the meaning of logo and what it desires to depict. Never miss the deadline promised to your client.


Logo design is a creative process. There are periods when nothing seems to click. If you are tense with the deadline your creativity may take a hit. It is necessary to take occasional breaks and come back with fresh ideas. During such breaks you can also seek opinion of your peers about various aspects of designing. Such inputs may help you in generating new ideas.

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