Set the Tone of Your Website Design Project

As a regular office goer, you probably have spent a considerable amount of productive time (no pun intended), in a Starbucks store nearby. But have you given it a second thought why you like to taste a cup of office at an exorbitant rate in Starbucks when the same cup of coffee is available almost half of the price at the nearby food joint. Yes, you must love the comfortable surrounding, the cordial behavior of the attendant and the big smile of the waitress who used serve you, not personally though. So, all these together including the waitress of course create a unique tone that makes you visit it again and again. Now, the same rule is applicable when it comes to approaching a client. If you like your client come back again and again for web design service, you need to adopt the same approach. Quite obvious, as it is, you need to set a precise tone for your website design project so that it stands apart from rest of the others in this cut throat competitive market. It needs not to be friendly all the time, but for sure, it should ooze out a sense of warmth and professionalism.

Optimization = Impression


Accept it or not, but all designers are alike. They like to make experiments with the design so much so that they forget to incorporate the basics of search engine optimization. Like using less images and more texts, reducing junk codes, making websites W3 complaints and errors free. This will all go a long way making a website highly optimize and when you deliver the project to your clients, you are sure to get a hearty welcome from your clients. However, if you are new around SEO, fear not, Google Starter SEO guide is there to teach you the basis of optimization. This is the first step toward making impression, just the way Starbucks does.

Optimized Web Design

Try to have a look at Blue Fountain Media. It is the best example of a great website design with all the SEO techniques incorporated.



Inconsistency is a common vice of all designers. Even a veteran designer has his bad day when he comes up with a design that can even make a most peace loving client say foul thing. So, accept it that you cannot churn out awesome design every single and make your client see reasons why you need occasional breaks to stay consistent with the quality. Moreover, while designing a website, you need to maintain consistency site wide as well. You cannot have one color scheme in home page and a completely different color scheme for the inner pages. You have stay committed to consistency as this is what will set the tone for your forthcoming website design projects.

Web Design Project

In this website, consistency of design has been maintained rigorously. There is no changes as to color and navigation and yet the design look visually impressive.

Eye Candy

Eye Candy

No one likes a design that has got nothing to do with innovation. Just producing the same format and using the same color scheme is certainly not going to help you either. You cannot impress client with that. You need to set your design apart by using color scheme that looks stunning and at the same time pleasing to look at, in short an eye candy. Make your design look awesome by tying your hands on different set of brushes. Do not fear to fall, and you will be able to set a killer tone for your design project that will make the clients say Wow for sure.

Eye Candy Web Design

This is a true example of an eye candy website. The header is the most impressive part of the design and soothing background give it a Wow effect that is hard to ignore.

Smart and Sharp

Smart and Sharp

It is hard to explain what smartness means but you need to make sure that you have not made silly mistakes while rushing away. Like you have forget to add Quick Contact form, template is not cross browser friendly or just forget to add contact details in the contact us page. Though these are quick fix, they make you look like a college pass out. But you are a professional designer, at least you want to be, right? So make a point that you will never, ever make these mistakes. Try to add some amount of smartness in your design by proactively making the website conversion oriented and if you can do so, you will just rock.

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