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A Quick Guide to Creating a Memorable and Successful Logo Design

There are lots of ways in which logos are designed: logos can be crowdsourced, companies may pay millions for a logo, or an average designer can be asked to create a logo at reasonable rates. And there is no way to judge what a logo design is really worth. An unknown logo designer can stumble upon a winning image accidentally, or the world greatest logo designer can end up designing a lousy logo.

Creative Carnival Photography: Tips and 30 Images

As a photographer, taking pictures of vibrant events like carnivals is a personal favorite. I get to witness a barrage of colors dancing to different genres of music. This effect also provides for striking shots especially when the light reflects on anything that glitters, be it the dancers’ regalia or an attendee’s pair of sunglasses.

Get Your Customers to Open Your Emails

A common marketing tool of ecommerce merchants and online business owners remains the humble email. Whether you use autoresponder messages, newsletters, or daily emails, the point of these writings is to increase your customer loyalty as well as to boost your sales. However, according to the Direct Marketing Association, only about 1 in 4 emails ever get opened. This means that about 75% of your emails and hard work are going straight into the trash bin.

PROS and CONS of using Twitter Bootstrap

PROS and CONS of using Twitter Bootstrap

What is Twitter Bootstrap? Simply said, Twitter Bootstrap is an absolutely free, thanks to Twitter’s Mark Otto and Jacob Thornton, “multi-toolkit” for web designers. Twitter Bootstrap offers HTML and CSS-based design templates for typography, forms, buttons, charts, navigation and other web design components.

Latest Web Design Trends in WordPress

Latest Web Design Trends in WordPress

For budding photographers, graphic designers as well as web designers, Photoshop is one of the most useful tools in the market. In this blog, we provide 35 superb tutorials that will teach you fantastic photo effects and make you use different tools and skill sets.

Web Design Tips

Merging Content Strategy and Website Design: 4 Tips for Success

Since Google Panda and Penguin updates were implemented in 2011, one of the most common complaints I hear is “traffic to my website has practically halved”. The appearance of these algorithm updates has indeed revolutionised our perceptions of quality content and has brought about a stronger need for a streamlined content development process. The question is, how can we optimise the incorporation of content strategy into web design in the post-Panda age?

About Us Page

Tips to Improve your Website’s ‘About Us’ Page

It’s always great to endorse your business online among fellow anonymous, unknown or known businesses. It’s even better to have some regular visits throughout the day to your URL. It’s usually the ‘About’ page that gets the maximum footfalls since people are curious to have a good look at what you do before considering doing business.