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You’ll need to take on lots of different roles

What do you need to consider when going freelance?

Becoming a freelancer can be one of the most rewarding moves in your career. You get to be your own boss, work your own hours in the comfort of your own home and get to be responsible for your own success, without the pressures and politics of an office job and the often horrible daily commute that comes with it.

The Benefits of Adobe’s Creative Cloud

When Adobe announced their move away from packaged software in favor of a subscription-based model, they generated some controversy to say the least. Designers everywhere were quick to jump to the conclusion that greed was Adobe’s motivating factor, and many still believe this to be the case. Others believe that this was a necessary and inevitable move on Adobe’s part in order to stay current. Whatever the motivation, Creative Cloud is here to stay, and it actually comes with some pretty cool benefits that were not included with the Creative Suite.

The Rumors are True: Passwords are Dead

The Rumors are True: Passwords are Dead

During the first quarter of 2013, Evernote, a note taking and archiving software company, experienced a security breach that forced it to reset some 50 million user passwords Many of the big name companies are discovering just that the era the passwords is over.

Make It Funny

4 Tips For Designing Great Banner Ads

Let’s face it, most of the banner advertisements that we see on a day to day basis (whether they’re on the internet or in the real world) are pretty diabolical in terms of their design. It’s for this reason that people hate advertising so much and generally become blind to the constant bombardment of banner ads that intrude on our lives.

Four Pillars of a Trust-Inspiring Website Design

Whether you are sharing information, selling products or trying to impress potential employers with a portfolio website, trust plays a major role. The Internet has kicked gullibility out of people. People take all things on the Internet with a pinch of salt. Proving trust on the Internet is not an easy task, but it can be done. Most users automatically judge a website on the basis of multiple factors – the efficiency of the website, the way the website looks, how secure it feels, etc.

Optimize Web Speed

Optimize the Speed of Your Site

A slow site is like standing in a long queue at the grocery store. At first we’ll stand in the queue, but if it doesn’t start moving quickly, we’ll simply go off and find a shorter queue in which to stand in. It’s the same for your website. If it takes too long to load, customers will go elsewhere. It is for this reason that you should consider adding a few bites in your code because by doing so it could save you a few seconds when IE or similar browsers are processing your code. Here are a few suggestions of how to speed things up.

Firefox OS

The Downside of HTML5 OS

In the coming months, we will be witnessing several launches of mobile operating systems on the market, one of the signification operating system that strikes my mind, is the Firefox OS. Firefox OS is designed based on HTML5 platform, many features are experimental, but this is the first innovative approach to utilize web technology for mobile computing.

Create Killer Infographics

5 Resources to Create Killer Infographics

Creating Infographics is not exactly hard, but it can sometimes be a pain if you have to do everything manually. That is why people create tools to help others build better Infographics. It allows you to apply highly graphical techniques without the pain of having to do all of the detailing manually by yourself.