Tips To Optimize Your Website With Pinterest

Prior to start writing for this title, I actually decided to write on ‘Tips to optimize your website using Social Bookmarking sites’. But, it didn’t take me too long to fix to the Pinterest thing, since both these titles would more or less have the same content. Yup! Pinterest is what that strikes our minds in recent days, when it comes to social bookmarking sites. Hence, writing on either topics wouldn’t differ much. So, Pinterest! This social media site is the perfect for anything that is social bookmarking. While on its birth year, it was all ladies and youngsters using Pinterest in common. But now, brands and businesses are slowly turning their heads to Pinterest. Within the past six months, more than thirty thousand brands have registered their business on Pinterest. One best thing about Pinterest is the image sharing feature it comes along with. There no brand which wouldn’t be happy to post images in a network used by millions. I am damn sure that there would be no other finer way to promote any brand or business.

Optimizing a website via Pinterest has been in the recent trends of social marketing. Pinterest optimization is showing colors to turn off into one of the best way of optimizing sites. In this article, you’ll find some interesting tips to get your site optimized with Pinterest.

Tips to Optimize Your Website With Pinterest


So, before doing this I guess you must have created a Pinterest account for your brand. With Pinterest, photos are all that matters. Whatever may be your brand, pick those images which are amazing and leave off the ‘just okay’ ones. Do not bump up your site with more and more images, since the visitor might get irritated to view all. Choose the best ones and get it displayed on the first page. Make sure you include these photos each time when a new content is posted on your site, since users create pins using images that links back to the actual page where the image is hosted.

Tips to Optimize Your Website With Pinterest


This is yet important tip which could help you achieve sooner results. Include PinIt buttons on your site or blog and also on product pages. Ensure that each time you launch a product or content, get them a Pin It button nearby so that any visitor who views the product or reads the content would be able to soon click on it.

Tips to Optimize Your Website With Pinterest


Like in Facebook, Pinterest also has communities where you can interact with brands of the same type as yours. Repinning and pinning among people of same interest is really going to find you some difference.

Tips to Optimize Your Website With Pinterest


You can also add links of your Pinterest page to other social networks like Facebook and Twitter. This could let users from these networks to view your Pinterest page which thereby considerably increases the number of views and visitors.

Tips to Optimize Your Website With Pinterest

While SEO continues to stand unique for several years, social bookmarking has achieved the very same popularity in just an year or two. However, within few months or days, this way of optimization will certainly going to eat away all other techniques. And, of-course Pinterest will be playing its role best in it.

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